Max Cat #racist

Time for black Africans and Hispanics who have destroyed everyplace on Earth that they inhabit to face facts. Whites built our 1st-world country. Whites invented nearly all modern-day technologies... planes, trains, cars, modern medicine, space travel, sky scrapers, electricity, telephones, TVs, computers, sneakers... the list is endless.
Black Africans and Hispanics gave us rap, tacos, and poverty. Pitifully sad. Sure, black Africans picked a little cotton 150 years ago, but are just dead-weight now.
If a boatload of black Africans or Hispanics landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, would the U.S. be a 1st-world country today? Black Africans and Hispanics will destroy the U.S. as they have done all around our world. Fact. Get smart, America!
Remember, realism is not racism. :)



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