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Turkish Coup Staged by the Mossad – Fake Blood and Crisis Actors

Regarding the purported Turkish coup there is great evidence of vast corruption. The timing is telling, coming in the aftermath of the Zionist-orchestrated, arch-fake Nice truck attack. Too, regarding Turkey there is much evidence of staging and hoaxing. Even so, it appears that military conscripts were largely unaware of the nature of the hoax that was perpetrated upon them and were brought in through deception and deceit. These conscripts are reporting that they thought that they were participating in noting other than a drill, while only realizing its true nature in the midst of the aftermath.

This seemingly peaceful disarmament does not mean that no one died. In fact, the number of dead and injured appears to be significant. It just means that the coup itself wasn’t a real, that is as an actual Turkish military revolt and was, rather, fully orchestrated by mere filthy spies. Moreover, it was all headed by the Israeli Mossad.

The Zionist agents are captured in the imagery, in the midst of the chaos and carnage:

This man is clearly not a Turk, not by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, the entire plot was orchestrated by the Zionists.

Once again, what was this Zionist mole doing on the ground in the midst of the chaos? Why is the image published on the Internet in black-and-white? It is just like Egypt during the El-Sisi coup; the Zionists are completely behind this, just as they were during their murderous rampage in Ukraine.



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