Bill P #fundie

I support the Mexicans. I got gentrified out of my blue urban neighborhood for knocking up my wife before 30, which you just do not do in Seattle these days. Most of the mothers were older than I was at the local kids’ park, and you should have seen the fathers — they all looked like grandpas.

This rentier urban economy has to stop somewhere. If the hipster SJWs are the ones who have to pay for it, all the better. Let them taste what I had to deal with when I was a little kid dodging rocks and hostile dogs as a little white boy in a crappy urban neighborhood. Maybe they’ll experience a belated awakening.


In Seattle, Mexicans have little to nothing to do with it. Jeff Bezos and his minions, OTOH…

So yes, I would fully support Mexicans protesting against Bezos’s pod people. I’d even chip in for signs and tiki torches.



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