Martin Yirrell #fundie

saeed chughtai: I am not sure if most people commenting here know that muslims believe in Jesus (not the son of God). His name is mentioned in quran 25 times as a great messanger of God, same as Mohammad.

Martin Yirrell: If you don't accept that He is God you don't believe in Him.

saeed chughtai; True, not as per your belief, but Muslims revere him, Millions of muslims have their names as eisa (jesus), Muslims do not insult him like some other faiths insults Mohammad.

Martin Yirrell: It is insufficient to revere Him, He must be worshipped as God. To not accept that is to insult Him.

((((Julian Bond)))): It's not an insult

Martin Yirrell: To deny Christ's deity is to insult Him.

((((Julian Bond)))): No, it's not an insult

Martin Yirrell: You deny God His deity - it's an insult. Clearly you don't understand what you think you do.

((((Julian Bond)))): Feel free to explain

Martin Yirrell: I have, you don't seem to understand plain English.

((((Julian Bond)))): It wasn't plain

Martin Yirrell: Of course it's plain, you just don't want to accept it. Try honesty.



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