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[This was made on an article denouncing Mozilla for issuing an apology after their CEO was revealed to have sponsored Prop 8.]

No where is there a law that prohibits gays from marrying. Any gay man can marry any gay woman he can convince just as any straight man can marry any straight woman he can convince to marry him. Similarly with mixed marriages, you know gay man or woman married to straight opposite gender person. I can marry any gay woman and have the same amount of sex as my ex-wife permitted so no difference.

What gays seek is a seed change in society whereby 97% of the population MUST comply with their wishes or be attacked. In order to destroy America the left knows it must destroy the family.

Show me a room with 100 people and then pick out the 3 toughest ones and have them try to force the other 97 to their will and see what happens. Weapons aside, you are looking at 3 very soundly kicked asses.

With our current population at ~320,000,000, all we need to resolve this problem is good supply of body bags. Because you cannot negotiate with totalitarians.



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