Martin Yirrell #fundie

Miru Angelou: incest is permitted in the Bible, maybe that's why
@allison00812810 thinks it's okay

allison clark: My argument is based on LGBT's hypothesis "love makes SSM OK". In that case incestual marriage

Martin Yirrell You're assuming it's love. Love does not cause another to sin.

Mr. Angry: Because the Bible's been all about marriages based on love....
*Image of the mutliple type of marriage practiced in the Bible with no condemnation*

Martin Yirrell: I suggest you read Matthew 19:3 which describes the only marriage approved by God,

Mr. Angry: You mean the one where the woman is essentially the slave of the man?

Martin Yirrell: And you didn't actually bother to check the passage, far too dangerous to your bigotry.

Mr. Angry: Also, you wanted 4-6, not 3. 3 just asks the question, not the answer.

Martin Yirrell: I expected you to read the passage, not slavishly stick to one verse.

Mr. Angry: Says the one that pointed out a verse....



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