Anthony Dream Johnston #god-complex #sexist


Before his meteoric rise to the manosphere presidency Anthony Dream Johnson was an aspiring 17 year old pickup artist and community organizer in the world wide manosphere. Considered a radical even in his own community, President Dream has been a unifying force of progress for the manosphere and a relentless force of nature for the mainstream media to contend with. In his first major TV appearance Anthony accused Piers Morgan of spreading fake news about feminism within the first 60 seconds.

Make Women Great Again took the feminist establishment by storm, shaking toxic American feminism right down to the uterus. Over the following weeks #MWGA would reach over 150 million people world wide, hundreds of podcasts, terrestrial radio stations, and major news/TV outlets would cover the campaign as well as celebrities like George Takei and Allisa Mellanio. #MWGA is widely regarded as the first successful cultural push back to radical extremist feminism in decades and possibly all of American history. President Dream has called for the total abolishment of feminism in western culture while mandating fair and equal treatment for men and women before the law. He has called for a “total repeal and replacement” of feminism, an immediate end to the feminist war on motherhood and family, and an end to their bigoted, intolerant hostility for traditional femininity and masculinity.

In January of 2020 on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid President Johnson also declared feminism a national security threat to the United States and western allies, citing prominent American feminist extremists like professor Linda Gordon who have called for the total destruction of the American family in the name of feminism. Anthony has also referred media personalities to the founder of gender studies calling the genocide of American men and eugenics program to reduce men to 13% of the population. In a word, gendercide.



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