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The Russell Square London Islamophobic Hoax Knife Attack

In what is an obvious hoax, once again, the world Jewish powers are attempting to demonize Islam with a fake terror attack.

It’s obviously a scam, and it would be difficult, in fact, impossible to demonstrate otherwise.

This man says in multiple interviews that the place was infested with police officers, plus walls upon walls of operational vehicles. They all came to deal with one mad, deranged ‘Mooslim?’ Who in the entire universe finds this plausible?

What about this image? Is this the best the criminally minded Zionists can do to fake this element, to attempt to gain sympathy for the so-called Israeli cause?

How is this a real, actual 60 year-old American woman? Where is the torso? Why is there no visible structure to the left leg? It’s a dummy and nothing else. Moreover, what did they cover up, a second dummy or something else that would give revelation of the arch-scam?



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