GameDevCel #fundie

[Blackpill] no ammount of beer is going to cure autism

a lot of people say: "just get some beer to lower your inib broooo" but even if you get a lower inib, you are still a autist, you simply can't get a conversation going, and you may end up doing violent stuff, chads drink for no reason, but to justify their natural low inib, others drink to lower their inibs but aren't autistic, but when a autistic start drinking his autisms is multiplied a hundred time, and he start spelling tons of shit, autism also tend to get over drunk, and people just don't want him around anymore, when you have emotional issues, they just start manifesting around, like your loneliness, your envy, you lack of self confidence, and even if you manage to not get into a fight or upset somebody, your autistic brain will start to torture you with memories of all the bullshit you did, and you will hate yourself for destroying your chances of making friends or finaly kissing a girl.


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