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Readers of my blogs will be aware by now of the blatant zionist symbolism present in the 2012 olympic games symbol and the incident it created last year with Iran`s refusal to participate in the games due to this symbol. You will also recall David Cameron-Levita`s response and his defence of the illegal rogue terrorist state of Israel.
Could the prophecy of Nostradumus relating to the games of slaughter be a reference to ZION 2012 and will this prophecy be fulfilled this year? The British government is clearly not taking any chances with its use of the army and surface to air missiles to protect the games.

Will the olympic games coincide with Israel`s and the NWO`s coming war against Iran?
By using this blatantly zionist symbol Britain is flying its colours on the zionist side and is thus both a danger and an enemy to the indigenous Aryan peoples of this country.
When the war against Iran-the land of the Aryans commences whose side will you be cheering for, zionist Britain and the illegal Jewish state of Israel or the land of the Aryans?



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