AnonDidNothingWrong #racist

That was 100 years ago. Just look at the communist revolution in 1918 in Russia. Jews were behind it using basically the same tactics as protocols. Resulted in 1/4 of all Russians dead. Many worked to death in work camps. 20 million people. They want you to believe Stalin was an antisemite. That's bullshit. Most ranks were Jewish. They started the revolution. They took positions of power. Then...

Not every position was Jewish but the vast majority was and it was definitely disproportionate. Then you look at the communist party of Germany and the civil war in the 1918. Same shit. It was led by Jews. France similar story. Then we come back to whether the meeting was real or not, whether the book is true or not. I say it doesn't matter because if its fake, it predicted the future with pinpoint accuracy



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