BradleyTS #fundie

evolution is not fact, not theory. it is VERY well supported, because for 100s of years, the goal of evolutionists has been sex. put the goal of sex on the other side of most things and work gets done. dont giggle. literally evolution is about telling younger people not to pay attention to religious beliefs that say dont have premarital sex. That what has driven the vast evolutionism conspiracy.

its not about science, its about the reward of free sex with none of the religious overtone, no rules, just like whatever... man. get freaked out and high and have sex parties... man. pinko commie hippie liberal evolutionists out to destroy society.

people who awkwardly say oh, yeah evolution is a fact!! means the person wants to declare any rules of various religions' regarding sex to be
outlawed. no such thing as creation, life evolved, therefore its all free sex, anything goes!

Ever notice? people who have no formal education in science and dont care, wanting so desparately for evolution to be approved of, which is the secret code word for free sex.

Oh YES, faster, faster! make evolution the law! yeah, thats it!

Evolution! oh yeah! Evolution.... ahhhhh.



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