BradleyTS #fundie

The reason? sex. the teaching of evolution is about sex, for sex.

older people want to seduce younger people into sex, but the younger people live in a society of Christian or other religious rules and values that say promiscuity, adultery or out of wedlock sexual relations are forbidden.

So the older people made up this idea that God and all that religion stuff isnt real, its taken many decades to get the story as slick as it is in 2007, but as we can see the progressive left has managed to outlaw the bible from public school and has worked tirelessly to get murder legalized, Roe v Wade which is there to help rapists and the grey market body parts industries that sell the aborted fetuses, the industry allowed to be legal because of Roe v Wade.

So evolution to tell younger people not to listen to God, not to obey any rules about chastity so the chance of a good marriage is harmed;

then after the rape by atheists/evolutionists on the younger people, they have legalized abortion, which is the murder of an unborn human to cover up the rape and help the abortion chop shops that drool and pay cash for the new body parts after the abortion, which itself is a human sacrafice satanic ritual.



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