Istvan #fundie

To do research, creationists need funds. But all the funds go to those who believe in Evolutionism, the carefully protected, useless and and literally baseless religion. Yes, baseless, because you remember how it all “started”? Nothing exploded. And nothing “really means nothing”. No time, no space, no matter, no natural laws. Yeah, right. When SOMETHING explodes that SOMETHING is destroyed, and its environment also gets damaged. But that is nothing compared to what happens, when ABSOLUTE NOTHING explodes! When NOTHING (NO TIME, NO SPACE, NO MATTER, NO NATURAL LAWS) explodes, an incredibly complex universe forms itself. Of course. Easy as pie. The greatest mystery of all time, the origin of the universe is now solved, and all is well with the world. And where is the evidence? Anyone got a sample of ABSOLUTE NOTHING? Can I put it under a microscope? Because I sure am interested in what is in NOTHING!



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