Fiberal #fundie

Great. Just great. Now we have full-blown socialism.

Passage of ObamaCare does it. This is how socialism works, comrades.

Liberals, socialists, communists pursuing power will work while you're in a football coma during the holidays...they are working this year all the way up to Christmas eve.

When will you learn?

Liberals Never Ever Stop.

They work everywhere and all the time; they work from Copenhagen to D.C. to your local government approving another Mosque. They are working Christmas morning. They are working now.

And they work especially hard when its cold outside and you're ensconced in your unwashed couch comforter, watching football, eating, screaming at your kids and eating.

Millions of you can get up and drag yourselves and your kids to football games over and over. But only a few thousand can make it to a one-time tea party. And at a critical time when BO's healthcare bill is going to get passed in cloture and then in fact... nothing. No teaparties, nothing. Not a peep from the delicate battlefront.

Well, I hope you're happy with yourselves and your civic participation, your awareness of the issues, your votes (or lack thereof) and your BO Messiah and your weak, spineless Republicans and your mindless John McCain, because now you get to celebrate your socialized medicine, comrades.



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