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This restorative justice bullshit is a male fix to a male created problem. Males do all manner of bullshit, bumbling around, like they are trying oh so fucking hard, straining their teeny man minds, trying just so, so hard to fix it! But they just can't hit on a solution, you see. Confused males are so confused.

As an example, rape is endlessly confusing for males. Is it legitimate rape? Forcible rape? What is consent, anyway? Gee whiz a roonie, it just seems like every interaction with female people is potential sexual harassment, we are trying so hard, but we just can't figure it out. Ladies, can you explain again? Won't you please help us out? Sexual assault hurts males, too, you know!!!!! Yet, they don't accidentally rape or molest each other, do they? So they aren't all that fucking confused.

Males know what rape is, they know how to stop it. But they use confusion as a smokescreen so that they can keep raping while hiding behind this bullshit of MALES SO CONFUSED BUT TRYING SUPER HARD, THO. It's fucking insulting to our intelligence. But they love violence and domination directed at us. They will never choose to stop it. They will have to be stopped.



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