Eugenicist #sexist

Girls and their disinformation to the redpill.

Girls do not like to be analyzed. They're machiavellian masterminds in their own concept of inner self. They have to be in order for them to have power. Power through artifice, evasion, resourcefulness and vigilance. They want to be the one who analyzes you, not the other way around. They're value suckers. They invest in you only insofar as how valuable you are. That is all. Transaction or

If you drop a redpill, confronting their artifice in anyway that cracks past it, or any conception of having a clue you will either be cut out, deliberately be manipulated, almost entirely treated as someone to be replaced.

You cannot have an objective perspective/ robotic and get pussy unless you are the Alpha of all Chads with looks. You need to use inference, intuition, dissection and ingurgitate all information. But you need the LMS to get investment. CPW, Charisma, Personality, Wits are the personality which usually take the backseat 95% of the time.

It's all about transaction that's exclusive to you. The PUA are puppets. Fools.

All personality traits must indicate not charm, wits, charisma alone. That comes off as try hard, as a sign of forcing or trying to make validation happen. All personality/ character value must come from things which indicator power, experience, inner strength, ability, unprecedented aptitude, and occasional wit but only wit that gives you the impression of an intelligence that has ability behind it. Intellect without ability is pointless.

Personality traits are an extension of your dominance/ value. Not esoteric sophistication.

Interaction/ Interest/ Investment is merit based. And although the standard of merit is subjective, it falls in with LMS most of the time. So often that PUA tactics are rendered defunct. Only Autistics would invest in it. People who are oblivious to the biological conventions humanity lives by. They're in another world.

Girls are dishonest and stick to their inner agendas no matter what. Their inner desires will ultimately always possibly overstep, overlap, overbear yours. You just need to meet all the marks that is in their criteria to turn them to investment. That's all you can do until we return to an Islamic esque enslavement of women.



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