Gabriel Erb #fundie

(Part 1)

Miguel didn’t know what the “28” in his dream was about. So he asked his pastor and he told him maybe it means something will happen when you’re 28 years old (Miguel was 26 when he had his dream back in 2017). But Miguel didn’t think that was correct. Then, just this year 2021, Miguel came across our 2028 END YouTube channel, and the light came on! It’s clear now the “28” represented the year 2028!

So God was thunderously saying, “I am coming soon”, while a whispering voice (which I believe was the Holy Ghost!) was declaring the year (2028). See, the whispering voice was not foretelling an exact “day” or an exact “hour”. No, it was only foretelling an exact YEAR (2028)! God will NEVER go against His Word, folks.

So what about the 3 day journey up a mountain? What’s that about? It represents the 3 year Great Tribulation — 3.5 years to be exact! During the Great Tribulation it will be hard for the saints, like walking up a mountain. There will be hunger, because the saints won’t be able to buy or sell, so food will be scarce. But even so, God will be right there with us, protecting us, just as He provided a cave and a fallen tree to hide Miguel in during the storm.



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