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(Note: This is a reaction to a video about a group of scientists suing the EPA, after the agency's decision to fire scientists from several key advisory board positions, and replace them with members of the industries supposed to be regulated by it.)

(Goldie Boud)
Good!! Scientist are making things that are killing you and all of us. If you don't know that then get educated as to what scientists have been up too!! Chimeras! SMART DUST!! SYNTHETIC DNA TO MAKE ALL KINDS OF CREATURES!! Cloning us so they can kill off humans and replace us!!! Using our facial recognition to make robots that will take over the world and WELL GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE UP TOO!! BUT ITS ALL FOR ILLUMINATI TO USE AGAINST US. OH AND HOW ABOUT THIS FLUBVACCINE THATS KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND YET THEY KEEP PUSHING TO TAKE THE SHOT!! NOW THEY HAVE A NEW SHOT, THOSE SCIENTIST DO, THAT IS A ONE TIME SHOT AND YOULL NEVER NEED ANOTHER ONE IN YOUR LIFE!!! BECAUSE YOULL BE DEAD IF YOU TAKE IT!! AND LETS TALK ABOUT THE RFD CHIP THEY ARE STICKING INTO YOUR NEW BORN BABIES AND CHIPS IN YOUR BRAINS TO CONTROL YOU!! I GUESS IF YOU WANT THAT ADRENAL DRUG SND YOU DRINK BABY BLOOD AND YOU KILL THEM FOR SACRIFICES THEN YOU DONT GIVE A F*CK!! LIBERALS ARE DISGUSTING DISPICABLE MONSTERS!! I CAN SAY I AM VERY HAPPY HE IS NOT FUNDING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS ANYMORE THE HORRIBLE SCIENTISTS!!! They are not scientists who are working for good. They all know that what they do will be used for evil even if there is a good use for what they made. You liberals need to wake the hell up!!! Because they are killing you too!!

(andrew boddy)
Scientists brought you the internet

(Goldie Boud)
andrew boddy so what! The Internet is also surveilling us. So are our phones!! And they are radiating us! And pedophiles are spreading like hot cakes because of the dark web and regular internet. Technology though it seems fun it has ruined our world and allowed these big bankers and illuminati do their dirty dealings and connect with each other and sell is all their junk we don't need but that makes them rich and is poor.



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