Rocky #fundie

I believe in God, the Creator. I don’t think man came from apes, or that man and ape evolved from the same species. I believe there are indications of intelligent design in the way life is organized and reproduces itself.

I am pleased to see scientists and philosophers backing the concept of intelligent design, even though some of them say that they don’t believe in God. These people are coming to their conclusions based on evidence, not on religious belief. Sure, I wish everyone could have the comfort and joy of a relationship with God, but if that isn’t possible, I am encouraged at least that a stake is being driven through the heart of Darwinism.

Darwinism is responsible for a great darkness in the world, and the deaths of many millions of innocent people. I long for the day, which I believe is coming in the future, when scientists will wonder and shake their heads, mystified as to how so many scientists could have tricked themselves into believing in and proclaiming Darwin’s theory.



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