Clytemnestra #racist

Exactly what is the racial composition of YOUR neighborhood, Dr. Lyubansky? Enquiring minds want to know. I'll wait, with baited breath, for you to get back to us on that since I look so good in blue! Although, if I could research that zip code, it would not shock me in the least to find that there are very few colorful urban types to "strengthen" your neighborhood through "diversity." That's the way you buttinsky social engineers operate. One rule for thee but not for me. Because you're special! The rules (even those you try to impose on everyone else) just do not apply to people like you!

I believe Benjamin is intelligent enough to know that Whites who move great distances to live in Lily-White enclaves don't like Non-Whites ... or they would live in racially diverse neighborhoods. (That is probably why he calls these areas "Whitopias"). He was sensitive enough to know that he was intruding himself on people who did not want his type around them. Especially Christian Identity which is the most vocal and, in the past, tended to be most violently opposed to having him around. That is why, when he crashed their party, he was probably gratified that they were polite to him rather than taking advantage of all those remote wooded areas to kill him and dispose of the body.

FYI, no matter how much you Miscegenation Maniacs like you love to equate Separatism with Supremacy, the two are vastly different. A separatist wants to love, live, work with, and employ his own. People like this aren't assigning another race an inferior status so they can enslave them. A supremacist philosophy is like a race of people who feel that all other races are inferior to them. They believe God has put them on the planet so they can slaughter, enslave, subjugate and live off of the labor of other races as they see fit. They title themselves things like the Master Race (Germans), the Covenant People (British Israelites). They themselves were inspired by ... surprise, surprise ... THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. Complete with a Messiah who is going to exterminate all gentiles who resist and give over 2,000 slaves to each Jew. Talk about supremacist philosophies, that sounds like a doozy, don't you agree, Dr. Lyubansky? Of course, you don't!

What dismays me more about Benjamin was this weird need of his to chase White people all over hell's half acre to find out where they had gone and what they were doing. Oh, yeah. Living in safe, clean, pleasant neighborhoods and playing golf. Oh, Lord! Clutch the pearls. I guess that means YOU and the other heroes of The Forces of Diversity need to step in and put a stop to allthat, don't you, Dr. Lyubansky?

However, I am mystified why YOU'RE so damned upset that White Christians are separating themselves from other people. Haven't Jewish liberals like you and your propaganda wing that thinly disguises itself as media, entertainment, and education decided that Whites are responsible for every evil in the modern world? Don't you feel better when such people aren't around flaunting their so-called White Privilege? Don't you feel safer that such evil people are staying far, far away from you? This separation anxiety you all seem to be suffering would be touching if it wasn't so damned creepy.

It seems to me that Moses forgot all the stone tablets when he came down to bring the Israelites the commandments of "G-d." He's plainly missed the one that had the following commandment on it:




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