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I’m not a liberal on Caucasian ability. No to predominantly East-Baltic people and especially no to Armenoids / Hither Asiatics, Turkic elements, Huns / Tatars and gypsies racially. Yes, the Nazis were right. Their creative talent is clearly less, they too often lack diligence and they are more corrupt overall. This won’t magically change in the West overall.

Yes to Falic-Dinards, Nordics, actual Meds and Alpines in lesser amounts who happen to live there.

Basically from Eastern Europe I would pick Croats plus the better Poles, the Baltic states, others in part and some Serbs maybe only in parts and selectively. Yes, there is good racial stock in Eastern Europe but it’s not as numerous as in the West overall. Countries like Hungary (especially the Hun / Tatar Asiatic element - no!), Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania etc should not be options overall as they are mongrelized (though Albania does in some parts still have good white Christian stock for instance). I'm a racialist and we need to be realistic to achieve greatness. Two things need to happen. A. Remove the Jew. B. Create a society that has racially aware Indo-Europeans of the better stocks as such primarily Nordics, actual Meds and Falic-Dinards. Especially the first two are numerous and have shown to be the most creative European races. England for instance has primarily actual white Meds plus Nordics racially and it dominated the world for ages while enriching the world culturally pre the Jew taking their civilization down to racially-egalitarian retardation (now in process).

America had a decent immigration act pre the clusterfuck that was the 60’s. It strongly favored Northern and Central European people (sadly that included Jews with such papers).



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