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Blaming only the Rapist is pointless

Just wanted to get it out there, feel free to hate me for beeing a "victim blamer", because you did not read the whole text/did not get my point.
So what i want to get at is, that our western society especially feminism is so focused on blaming all men for raping women.
And who ever dares to ask what the girl was wearing or whatever is shamed for trying to imply that it could be the womans fault.
In my example i will adress the general assumption of male=rapist and female=victim, despite the fact, that rape happens vice versa or withing the same gender. Also i am talking about real rape, not the loose feminist definitions like regretted ONS etc.

If you tell a rape victim, that it was not her fault and she could not have done anything to prevent it and that it was 100% the fault of the man, that might be more comfortable at the moment (and we know everyone prefers the comfortable path to the stony one) but hurt in the long run.
Just imagine you would be in the situation after beeing raped, you feel extremely bad, worthless, used, dehumanised. You question the point of life and become paranoid, a certain smell or sound reminds you constantly of the incident. And your friends, family, doctory, police tell you constantly it was not your fault, you could not have done anything to prevent it and that the authorities will get him.
Thats very comforting at first glance, but what it also does is taking away all your options.
I can only imagine how a victim would feel, but i am very certain you would want to do everything to ensure this does not happen again ever.
But how should you be able to prevent it from happening again if no actions from you have an effect and all the options are tied to the rapist.
I would rather have the discomfort to be asked several uncomfortable questions and admitting to be partial guilty. So i can work on these things to prevent the same incident in the future.
Some of these things are classics we all know in the back of our head, anyway i will list a few keywords
- Alone - Clothing - Intoxicated - Self Defense - Awareness -

And a stupid scenario to paint a picture if you do not already have it in your head. Who is more likely to get raped, A or B?
A - Very drunk girl almost sleeping alone on the bench of a bus stop waiting for the bus she missed partly because she is not very fast wearing a tight skirt with heels and partly because she danced late into the night, even when her friends started to go home.
B - A group of friends who are walking to the bus stop after celebrating the recent black belt honoring at the steakhouse next to the dojo, everyone wears jeans and sneakers.

So to sum it up, the world is dangerous, society can not take care of everything, you have to take a part of the responsibilty.
If you run across the street, you look left and right if there is a car, even if the traffic light is red for cars and green for you.
if you get hit by the car and the car was supposed to have stopped at the red ligth, i assume next time you check if the car has really stopped instead of just expecting it. The driver is wrong because he ignored the red light, but you had the option to look before you cross the street and prevent the incident in the first place.

cheers Eierdotter

I assume every sane person knows rape is as wrong as murder and you do not need to tell them. still it happens.
And a TL;DR:
Preventing rape > blaming rapists"



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