kingjameswriter1965 #fundie

I refuse to give in to the lies of modern science and technology. Okay so we’ve come a long way in both areas, but since we are a fallen people, we unfortunately would rather believe in things that are NOT TRUE. Why is this? Because we are SINNERS.

The media is largely to blame, as is the public school brainwashing that’s been going on for 50 or so years now. Many folks refuse to recant what they were taught in their formative years, and they won’t be convinced otherwise. They take those who believe to the contrary as lunatics and fodder for people who love to waste their God-given breath in debate and scorn.

It really upsets me that we can be so gullible as to believe lies like the earth is round, mankind walked on the moon, there is no Hell, there are many ways to Heaven, etc. But there is coming a day when the Judge of all the earth will do right. God will set everything in order the way it should be, but not before He purges this existence with fire and makes all things new.

You want to believe we live on a spinning ball, that’s your choice. But last time I looked, the earth seemed pretty flat to me… Where do they get this globe stuff? Oh yeah. The DEVIL.



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