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In cahoots with the media, which along with major companies, banks and parliaments are owned by the tribeless ruling elite a stereotype is put forward of the ideal man or woman. The ideal man in their eyes is metrosexual, effeminate[buys plenty of cosmetics and skin moisturisers] university-indoctrinated[it helps to make the masses indebted to the banks and brainwashed into `thinking` the same thing], race-mixing[in order that a single raceless non-Aryan mass may emerge in the future], cosmopolitan, Americanised, humanistic and with leanings towards bumming other men.
The ideal woman is a lager lout, a tart, a `career woman`, disrespectful and incontinent towards their husbands and if they are Aryan have a strong desire to churn out mongrel babies because this is the ultimate proof that they are "not a racist".

I could not give a toss about the Elizabethan or girly romantic poets, these blogs are concerned with Solar, Polar and virile Aryan spirituality, not getting inebriated and writing bad poety because you can`t get a girlfriend.
On the contrary emotionalism is the more recent of the two ways of being and this is linked to the increasing degeneracy of the modern world. Nordic man is hard, he is tough and sees no need to indulge in emotional behaviour-this is for women and weak ones at that. If you care to read the Icelandic sagas Germanic men and women takes great pride in their hardness and lack of emotion-this is why they have survived for so long in a degenerate and hostile world.

If you wish to read Aryan and manly poetry try the Elder or Poetic Edda and the Volsunga Saga.
Southern Europeans do a lot of weeping "without shame" just as Homer`s contemporaries no doubt did a lot of bumming too-all signs of degeneracy in the Kali Yuga, followers of a lunar, cthonic and feminine spirituality.
With regards to homosexuality being "known among the Germans and Celts too" that is true and this unnatural practice was punished by death. As far as the "ancient world" is concerned you are confusing the mongrelised south of Europe with the Aryan north-an entirely different world!



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