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[Typical fundie persecution complex]

We, the Democratic party of America, have a dream. We dream of an America where:

All guns are confiscated, so no one can defend themselves
Where all prisoners, except Christians, are set free
Where no white men exist
Where no Christians exist
Where all churches are closed and burned to the ground
Where Evolution is dogma that cannot be challenged, and Christiantiy is a crime
Where all priests and pastors have been jailed
Where marriage between men and women is outlawed, but gays are encouraged and permitted to marry
Where the tax rate is 100 per cent
Where all private property has been siezed and put to the use of the people
Where the IRS has hounded the NRA and the Christian Coalition out of existence
Where all crosses have been removed from everywhere
Where Islam has become victorious
Where private property is outlawed for the crime it is
Where no Republicans can ever again get elected
Where elections are outlawed so that we can do what we want without fear of being voted out of office
Where we can raid the treasury for ourselves and our communist endeavors
Where no dissent is allowed
Where dissenters are shot
Where liberalism becomes the religion of the land
Where God is removed from our money and courts
Where Hillary Clinton is a saint and no one is allowed to say otherwise
Where all Christian books are burned including the Bible
Where adult child sex is normal and abstinence is abnormal
Where no more prayer is allowed and is against the law
Where all borders are erased so that all who want to come here and get welfare are free to do so
Where men are jailed for looking at a woman
Where men are jailed for asking a woman for a date
Where men are not allowed to live in the same town as their children
Where any race or sex but white heterosexual men can speak in public and hold office
Where global warming caused by humans is accepted as truth and cannot be challenged
Where no white person can hold the office of presidency unless they are liberal or gay
Where the state takes children away and 'educates' them as soon as they are born
Where men who fail to pay child support regardless of the fact that they are not allowed to see their children are put in prison for life
Where all talk radio is outlawed
Where PBS is mandated for children to view
Where Rosie O'Donnell is regarded as a saint
Where no white male can be the head of any company unless he is gay
Where no white male can serve in the military unless he is a private and no higher or he is gay
Where the pagan god Queztocotl is worshipped
Where all pro life persons are imprisoned
Where women are required to dress like men and vice versa
Where lying by us is unchallenged
Where all monuments to Conservative politicians or war heroes are destroyed and replaced with feminist or gay icons
Where the antichrist can come to power without opposition
Where animals are not hunted
Where the eating of meat is outlawed.
Where chimpanzees are considered persons but some humans are not
Where no woman takes the name of any man

These are just some of our dreams. Will you join us? We know paradise is just within reach. Vote democrat to make these dreams come true



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