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[My hope is that folks on the left will stop with blanket demonization of the law enforcement work force as terrorists and murderers. It will back fire. It will help get Trump elected. It will inflame the situation — just as it did when they were called pigs.

I also would like to point out that we are supposed to be the good folks — held to a higher standard.]

The police need to stop killing us. Who cares about their feelings when the create dead bodies & create more people to hate them?

I forgot, only blue lives matter.

[You know, every time a right winger goes off on a shooting spree, we place a lot of blame on those on the right who engage in hateful rhetoric, saying they have “blood on their hands.”

Which makes me wonder, does this killing cause you to reconsider your “Evil white people/evil cops/evil pigs/fu*ck the police” schtick around here?]

Nope. The former slave patrols, the current police keep creating dead black people. Many white people think that's ok. It's evil & a lot of white people are ok with killing us. Why do people think it was ok to kill Tamir Rice? He wasn't a human being to them. He was.

I don't have a national voice. I'm one little person crying out.

We’ve been mistreated & worse for 400 years. We ask nicely & nothing happens. If we cause too much trouble we get exterminated. Now it's one at a time lynchings done as state sponsored terrorism.

Everyone wants to go home at night, but the police who kill us don't care. They get paid vacations, keep their jobs, get kill a negro bonuses, don't get prosecuted or convicted. What do their victims get? Some blood money & trolled.

RWMSM continues the narrative of scary non-compliant blacks who deserve our deaths. They have an outsized voice & are winning the killing black people is a heroic thing, another 400 yo piece of propaganda. 21st century policing looks like slave patrols to me.

I am sad for families who's loved ones don't come home. Why does that sympathy for dead cops exclude my people?

You don't care. To you the police are right & their victims are undeserving of compassion & due process.

Im tapped out, tired. I have no more empathy & sympathy left.

The police & black people would do better if they would stop killing us. Why don't the police say they’re sorry for killing us? Nope, they commence on a program of slander & lies to justify their victims death. Not a way to make friends with their victims.

Why is police murder legal? It's a trick question, becuase they have permission & their victims have NO due process. How can the state prosecute itself? It does a terrible job becuase the state is on the police’s side.

I can manage to not call the police evil for a couple of days, but their culture is the big problem.

I don't know any black radio person who does the same inflammatory crap that the evil RW does. The majority will shut them down. People don't like our advocates, but we’re not the majority & being nice respectable citizens still doesn't help keep us alive or safe. Someone has to be on OUR side.

Who's on our side? BLM is effective becuase the RW hate them. The problem is that someone does not want us to stand up for ourselves & our rights.

I want the police to stop killing us.



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