Muckster #fundie

(Having seen the Lynx/Ax advertisement that depicts a man filling an ark with pairs of attractive women)

Now this is much more ominous. The theme is biblical apocalypse one... much darker than the fallen angels with a repetitive chanting hip hop sound track. Imagery of humans trying to flee an impending disaster, flocks of birds trying to escape etc...

The main character builds an ark... but this time it’s not an attempt to save the creatures of the earth, it is a vessel for sin. It is beautiful women he intends to fill this ark with. He has built a wooden strip club room with a pole in the centre, a DJ booth, and a throne for himself. He has also built sleeping area with lots of very small individual pods which i find very creepy indeed. And the advert ends with "Happy end of the world"

Maybe it’s just me... but I can’t help thinking that this is another “hidden in plain sight” message. Almost like we are being mocked. They soundtrack reminded me of Jay z "on to the next one"

Now I realise that if you are not religious you probably will not see anything in this... but, for me, many adverts, music videos and films are becoming increasingly packed with apocalyptic imagery and occult symbolism. Anyway... if any of you guys have opinions on this advert, or have spotted any imagery/symbolism that I have missed it would be great to hear it.



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