Reelsies #sexist

It's just the difference between men and women in general.

Women always reproduce, so they have no concept of anything like hierarchy or power. Women don't even know what to do with power. The only power women have is defined in terms of how powerful the men in their lives are, and of course attracting powerful men happens via physical beauty.

Men don't always reproduce, so anything like a Lu/feminist/etc. would have gone extinct long ago. Men don't crave care from their superiors; they get angry and demand resources.

A woman would never have any sort of vision of creating something like modern China, or even colonial America, simply because they do not need to. Women's nature is to be a slave to higher status men. Un-PC but you know it's true.

Lus are just AFs who've been raised in a white-centric world. Normal Asian women are raised in an Asian-centric world, and see Asian men as higher status.



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