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My bisexual sister is fucking my crush.

I walked out my room and saw my crush come out in her panties. She screeched and ran back into my sister’s room. I heard them both laughing loudly. After a few minutes my sister came out and apologized. I asked when they started hanging out and she said recently. I asked why didn’t she tell me (she knows VERY well that I have a crush on this girl) and she said she didn’t want me to be hurt. I said why would I be hurt and she said because they’re sleeping together. That’s when I noticed hickeys all over her neck and chest area. She said sorry and I just left the house. With the money I saved from wagecucking I rented a hotel room and now I’m staying there. She called me just now and I ignored it. I’m just dead inside realizing how OVER it is that my straight crush would rather fuck a female over me, my sister nonetheless and that my sister would do this to me.



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