AncientIsopod #transphobia

Since so much of trans culture (r/traaa, r/egg_irl, etc) is centered around being a 'cute girl', how many of them do you think would stop identifying female if the 'cute' factor were removed?
Say if for some reason that being born female meant being born 'ugly', but everything else about being a female stayed the same. How many TIMs would suddenly lose interest in being a woman?

And, given the obsession I see with teenage/pre-teen girls on there, I even wonder if a large percentage of them would leave the trans party if being female meant magically coming into existence as adult women, so that the TIMs had no underage girls to ogle and obsess over.

The posts featured in r/itsafetish do not even misrepresent the majority. Go to r/traa, r/egg_irl, or even r/asktransgender right now and it's greatly populated by horny teenage boys & middle-aged men posting about how badly they want to be cute girls. I've seen polls in the past of TIMs being asked, "Would you rather be a cute transgirl or an ugly 'cis'woman?" and answering the former option. This should really be addressed.



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