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[In a response to a news story about forthcoming new U.S. $1 coins featuring presidents' faces on them, but presented a bit larger than on most coins because words such as "In God We Trust" will be printed on the edge instead of the face of the coin.]

I am appalled that they are going to put "In God We Trust" on the edge of the coin. This is because they know they will get a lot of flack if they omit it altogether, so, therefore, they will put it on the edge where it cannot be seen and after a little usage it won't be able to be seen at all. Reduce the size of the figure on the front and put "In God We Trust" back where it belongs. This is the United States of America and we were founded on the belief in God. Quit the political correctness, and quit trying to please all of the foreign-born people that come here and want to change everything. If this type of thing does not stop soon, we will have more consequences to pay than some of you people realize! If the people in this country do not like our ways, let them go back to their own country. Quit trying to make our country into something that will please everyone. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!



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