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The socio-sexual hierarchy consists of alphas, betas, gammas, and omegas, among others. According to Jammyjaybird, “Women’s hindbrains are constantly scanning for alpha, tolerating beta, and ignoring omega”.[1]



Alphas are socially dominant men. They are higher in the sexual hierarchy than women.[2]

Women will try to tame an alpha by taking the edge off of some of his Alphaness. This is the plot in pretty much every romance novel ever written, but unlike their fictional counterparts, real life women are rarely successful at pulling it off.[3]

Alpha males don’t usually engage in bullying because their value is high enough that they can afford to be magnanimous to lessers. It’s usually those men just below alpha status — the lesser alphas — who love to bully, because they see it as an opportunity to raise or maintain their “pack” status.[4]


Betas are providers. They tend to be post-carousel material.

Women need serious levels of social support and self delusion to make a beta palatable. Some women are direct about their lack of love for their man, however that is usually after the valuation period. Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media seriously aid women as she can publicly claim her beta is different and is a real man because he cuddles with her and confesses his deepest fears to the her. What he doesn’t know is he is setting up a codependent/compensatory narcissist relationship with the woman. As such, the storm clouds gather.

There are greater and lesser betas. A greater beta is nice to women because he genuinely wants to be nice. A lesser beta is nice to women out of insecurity. He thinks that by being nice and supplicating, he can get success. He reeks of “loser”, and women hate him with a passion.


Gammas are pussybitches who tolerate mistreatment that even betas wouldn't put up with, such as being openly cucked.[5]


Omegas are men who can't get laid. Omegas are repulsive not just sexually but are a reflection of dark days for women. Most modern women has thrown herself at some retreating alpha, offering up her body as a salve to a failing relationship. Deep down, they know they spend way too many resources – emotional, financial and temporal – trying to keep said man around.

This is applicable to omegas because the rank desperation reminds them how unattainable alphas often are for them – omegas sometimes are a reflection of a woman’s position vis-a-vis alphas. Further, they remind women of the lengths they would go for alpha approval by the lengths omegas will go to secure female approval.



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