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Egalitarianism has been the cruelest joke on our civilization.

We were taught and brainwashed from youth to worship this man made false idol from birth and told to ignore the God of objective reality, of hierarchy, of a recognition of man's innate inequities, and most importantly, the need of salvation from Him(Christ).

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[…]I'm sorry, but those that said that there was very little difference between the way that men and women think ... HA! And HA again! Yes, men and women think very differently! Of course, personality traits are on a spectrum, and individuals will fall in different sides of the spectrum. But it's a fact that more women tend to make decisions on emotional reactions while men tend to work more on logic. It doesn't make one 'better' than the other, but I won't deny that my emotional involvement with my dogs colors my judgement on how I train my dogs. If I were more 'logical' about our training process, I would probably be more 'successful'. However, let it be said I like my mushy female brain and I don't want to trade.

Next, men, in general, are more competitive than women. Once again, not a good or bad thing, it just IS. Doesn't mean that women can't be competitive, but your average male will be more competitive than your average female. Call it social conditioning, a sex trait or what have you, men are just competitive. Combine that with a logical and focused method of training, the right dog, and I can totally see how this would end up with more successful male competitor. Compare this to the woman that is it in more for the 'relationship' with her dog and doesn't care much about winning. I really think that men and women tend to use different measures for 'success'. Men want 'concrete' accomplishments while women tend to want to 'feel good' about what they've done.[…]

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I was talking with a friend yesterday about gay rights when he declared, "discrimination against gays; it's the same as discrimination against Blacks." Opponents of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) use the same argument concerning the discriminatory practices of the armed forces. But you cannot compare homosexuals to Blacks. Gays are not a race of people. Discrimination against Blacks is very different from discrimination against gays.

The Black struggle in America has historical basis and implication. Slavery and Jim Crow were practices that raped our families, our identities and our culture. Today, Blacks remain politically and economically oppressed. Poverty and violence have resulted from this systematic oppression. The gains of our ancestors seem to have been temporary.

In contrast, homosexuals are not economically oppressed. As gay rights advocates indicate, they are our lawyers, our doctors, our teachers, etc. Gays represent mainstream America in that they have gained economic freedom and affluence. Politically, many government officials have begun to admit their homosexuality. The struggle of gays is not comparable.

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Removing God, introducing modern hedonism, and bringing equality into the marriage has led to disastrous consequences. Generation Z women have fallen for three scams introduced by Satan and his minions:

You will be well served by living your life, searching for what feels good and experiencing that to its fullest.
If you have read our article on Feminism, you will know that the data is in, and its conclusion is undeniable. The way women are choosing to live their lives in the modern world is not making them happy. Women’s happiness is in terminal decline in the modern world of equality.

When we counsel women in our marriage counselling courses, we find the same pattern over and over,

Women who are married and are responsible for the provision of the home have increased anxiety or stress compared with women who have a strong Godly male provider.

Women who are financially responsible for the household are less happy than women who have a husband that is financially responsible for the household.

Women who stay at home and care for young children have increased happiness compared with women who have careers and leave their children to daycare.

Overall, this fallacy that men and women are equal, and that women should have like for like careers and lifestyles as men do is destroying female happiness!

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One of the biggest cultural lies of our time is that of birth control. Birth control was condemned and preached as a sin within the church before 1930. Since then, the devil has lied and blurred that line as the devil does not want God’s children to increase. If we actually test birth control against what the Bible says, it quickly falls when deeply examined. A person has to make many exceptions to the truth in order to be able to say it’s okay.

First off, it is a command to be fruitful and increase in number. “And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it…'” Genesis 1:28. Throughout Deuteronomy, there are so many warnings for us to keep Gods commandments always, and that it is not our place as a servant of God to decide when to follow His commands or not. God will bless us in His timing and His plan. When we pick and choose when to have a baby, it is treating babies like a commodity.

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The Patriarch is a good thing, and it forms the proper hierarchy for marriage”
Ask any worldly woman today what they want, and you’ll hear something like this list,
Equal Pay
A Career
Equal say in the marriage
The irony is that is not what is going on inside. I don’t know this because I am a genius, nor do I know this because I claim to know women, I know this because God tells me so.
* Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
The word desire H8669 tᵊšûqâ or תְּשׁוּקָה means,
1. desire, longing, craving
2. of man for woman
3. of beast to devour
The words shall rule over thee H4910 māšal or מָשַׁל means,
1. to rule, have dominion, reign
2. to rule, have dominion
3. to cause to rule
4. to exercise dominion
It is then very clear, that inside every female on the planet today we should find a desire that a strong, masculine dominant authority lead over her.

Don’t believe me? Let’s continue and prove it!
A Sexual Revelation
On Thursday the 12th of February 2015 a movie called “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released to cinemas all over the world. According to the feminist manifesto the events and data that followed are completely unexplainable. The movie,
* Is the 4th highest grossing R rated film of all time.
* Had the largest grossing first week of ticket sales of all time.
* Grossed 569.7 million Dollars as the 10th highest R rated film of all time.
* Women comprised of 82.6% of total audiences during its first week.
Here was a movie about a man dominating a woman, and women were its overwhelming audience.[…] The Patriarch is not and was never meant to be Tyrannical!  There is no other way to put this, God installed the man as the head of the woman in marriage. What God did not do is install the man as a harsh or unjust manager. Please see our pages on leadership and submission for more on this.[…]

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At its foundation feminism has taught the male,
* That he is not the leader of his home
* That he is not solely responsible for his home, wife and children
* That he should not use his inner desire to be strong for his family unit
* That he should not be dominant
* That he is not be the provider of the home
How then should men act in this brave new world? How do they be who they were created to be when everything about them is challenged?

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4. Children can inherit emotional trauma
5. The worlds already overpopulated
6. You will watch your child scramble for the already limited resources eg. Jobs, housing etc.

She acts like she’s brave sharing all of these reasons. The problem is that the birth rates in most countries are at all time lows. God created us to marry and be fruitful and multiply. She’s simply pushing the feminist agenda that has been pushed on women for decades now and is going to end up being devastating to many nations.

I asked the women on my Instagram what the blessings are in having children. Here are some of their replies:

Her list is mostly fear driven! Your children could be…Not a reason to not have children.

The privilege of raising eternal souls who prayerfully will accept Christ as their Savior.

Too many to count. but I can’t imagine growing old and having no family to fellowship with.

They bring joy to our home with their laughter and innocence.

You mature into a new version of yourself!

Little children bring endless cuddles, cures loneliness, and I love watching them learn.

They become the best people to know, your best friends.

So many blessings. They can make the world a better place if God is placed in their home.

A little extra purpose in this life and eternal rewards!

All of the beautiful fruit manifested in your child from doing your very best.

Witnessing all the milestones and becoming friends when they are adults and then grandbabies!

It pleases the Lord. Truly gifts from Him.

Getting to learn alongside and see the world through the eyes of a child again.

If you raise godly children, you won’t be lonely in your old age! So sad to see elderly who die alone.

Having simple childlike fun with them

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We are in a transition from a traditional society (let’s call it the patriarchy) to a liberal-minded society (let’s call it a matriarchy). Men suffer quite a lot in this transition, because the laws are essentially all very patriarchal and women still expect things like child-support (something which would normally only exist in a patriarchy)
Now the patriarchy is actually not a society that favors men over women, and the matriarchy is not a society which favors women over men. Both societies favor men and women equally. I know a lot of MRAs do not believe this and use the draft as evidence that the patriarchy favored women more, but that is not true. The patriarchy is actually a society that favors children, while the matriarchy favors the individual (or self).
The patriarchy is a child-centered society. It is interested in birth and survival rates of children, and that is why males were drafted. Male disposability led to more children. The patriarchy comes from difficult times, it was born in hard times, it is a very social system, an efficient system, and it’s a survival mechanism.
We know it leads to successful societies because many of the major cultures that dominate the world today have a patriarchal history. And we can see this most clearly through the fact that the world’s major religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Confucianism all come from cultures which support the patriarchy. All of these religions and the cultures that support them speak of female obedience to her husband and male responsibility and dominance over to his family.
What I do mean to imply is that many parts of the traditional way of structuring society are beneficial to the majority of society, and so I think we should hold on to them. The patriarchy has been successful for many reasons, and we have to be careful not to ignore some of these reasons. Male investment and access to their offspring both in the form of being a role model who would love, guide, and seek the best interests of their children and through their economic contributions benefited society enormously. Allowing women the freedom to focus on producing and caring for children also benefited society.

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I will still make videos about whatever I want and I will never have a popular opinion since the world is under a hypnotic spell and under Satans delusion. I honestly don’t mind if you disagree, just say so. If my opinions of men going the other way make you weak men feel insecure then that’s your damn problem. Men are supposed to be strong and stoic and mature, not weak or emotional or easily offended. That’s how women want their men, if you don’t like it, then go be gay.

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Most girls do not start their periods until around age 12 and even if they do start earlier they have not developed breasts and pubic hair by that point.
But let’s say some girl is a miracle of nature and she has fully developed breasts, pubic hair and had her first period at age 10.  We still then have the discretion of the father in this case. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that the Jewish tradition outside the Bible held that the minimum age for a girl to be married no matter what her physical condition was age 12 and I agree with that.

I even mentioned at the time I wrote some of these articles that my daughter was 12 and I could not imagine allowing her to marry at that point because of the culture she and I was raised in and she was not ready for it.  I mentioned that perhaps by the time she was 15 or  16 if the perfect man came along that could provide for her and he was a good Christian man of good character I would consider allowing her to marry.  Realistically I doubt that will happen even as she approaches her 16th birthday next year.
But NEVER ONCE I have ever advocated on this blog for girls to be married off when they are 10 years old!

So Dana and others at least if you are going to attack me or other bloggers who support this ministry please do so based on what I have actually said without twisting my words.
And just for those who will say “Even if you are saying girls should wait till 13 or 14 to marry that still makes you a pedophile!” let me say this.  Let me educate you a bit.

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We hear people say things like, “we have to let children be children”, which basically means that our children have little to no real life responsibility until they reach 18, besides keeping up with their schooling in most cases. Even then we extend the childhood years with college, where they can party and have more fun for about 4 years before they graduate at 22 and are forced for the first time in their life to take on the full responsibilities of being an adult.

In pre-modern times, the idea of a child hood experience with absolutely no responsibility was a very short period. By the time children were 6 or 7 they were being taught the realities of life.
Boys hunted with their dads at a very young age, and girls learned to cook and make clothing at a very young age […]and the girls knew about caring for infants (helping their mother, or cousins or aunts) and they had seen many births. These girls were excited about the day when they would have their first period, and they were excited about when they would be able to marry and have children (usually around 13 or 14).”

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Today I stumbled across a seller on a local online marketplace selling rabbit meat, rabbit head and pigeon meat. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it to see who the hell buys these sort of things. It turns out that they are for dogs to eat. Of course, the seller has a 4.5 star rating out of five, with pictures of nutters and their happy shitbeasts and no complaints about animal cruelty whatsoever.

I am totally disgusted. It may be cruel for humans to eat meat, or for predators to hunt down prey, but for humans to feed the meat to dogs is beyond insulting. Don’t get me started on the idiotic dog language such as “Chimken”

If they’re gonna take an animal and feed it to the dogs, at least have the fucking decency to spell its name properly!
From now on, I don’t wanna hear any dog nutter criticize me for being an animal hater. The only animal they give a shit about are dogs.

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Why the costumes – the delusion behind the costume is to pose as something you are not and by doing so you invite demonic attacks upon your life and those of your family members. Satan is the greatest identity thief. He tried to intimidate Christ in the wilderness and questioned His real identity by asking, “IF you are the Son of God, then command these stones”.. Note that “Satan masquerades as an angel of light”. 2 Cor. 11:14

The carved pumpkin is an open invitation for demons to enter your house. Curses become active on Halloween and if you worship Satan by celebrating Halloween, you are inviting curses upon yourself and your family. The carved pumpkin, spider webs, goblin statues and other demonic-related objects are symbolic invitations for demons to enter your house and put curses on your household.

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(Some how this dude thinks women can’t age well even if she takes care of herself)

Men age like fine wine, women age like milk.”

One half is true, but the other has only the POTENTIAL to be true; it is not guaranteed.

A man that neglects his diet, fashion, and the gym will not see his prime begin in his 30s.

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Women never look at younger men, until they hit the wall.

Around 30, men start to hit their stride, in terms of looks, social status, and money.

A 30- 35 year old man is the most confident, handsome, and successful that he’s ever been in his life. As such, he’s more desirable to women than ever.

I’ve written about this many times on the blog. Check out my posts:

“30 Dangerous Ideas For Men In Their 30s”

“7 Ways Men Can Look Better With Age”

Many men this age choose to date younger women, as is completely natural.

The younger women want a man with a nice car, a bit of money to spend on nice dates, and the maturity she can admire.

That leaves 30-something year old women out in the cold.

Men their age are chasing girls that just turned 22.

Unfortunately, this is at the time that a 30 year old woman understands that she is running out of time.

Many women in this situation reach down to the younger men who are also left out because women their age prefer older men.

When a woman in her mid-30s, or older, starts robbing the cradle, sexing down young men, that’s when you know the SHE knows it’s over.

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I agree with Karl — there’s no arguing with a woman’s biology. My brother married an attorney believe it or not who was actually a prosecutor. We invited them to go camping with us soon after they were married and somehow her diaphragm disappeared out of her bag. (Hmmm, I wonder, I just can’t imagine who could have searched through her bag to find that handy-dandy little baby barrier and then had a good chuckle throwing it in the trash. Oops!) Well they were newlyweds and we were camping for a week. The look on her face was priceless when I told her, no we didn’t have any condoms, and she realized she’d be sharing a sleeping bag with an amorous husband for a week without any contraception. She had their first nine months later.

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ALL photographs are graven images. All photographs are graven images, All television is graven image. All dolls are idols, all statues are idols. The book of Revelation is about the End Times. We are in the End Times. God foresaw this mass production of Idolatry. God foresaw man's vanity in the mass production of graven images and idols. Revelation was written about these times. God can no longer tolerate the mass production of idols and graven images, the worship of television, the worship of a cross, the worship of the antichrist and antichrists, (the image of a man nailed to a cross, crying on a cross, smiling, looking up, praying), all images of this man are the antichrists and is prophesied in the book of Revelation. There are grown men drinking beer and watching television when they should be worshiping God, reading the Bible to their families and working. Taking care of your family, community and the poor is how you love and respect God. This is in your Bible. This time is confused. Men are treating women as men. This time is confused, confusion is of the devil. This is in the Bible. The Bible gives many examples of how to live your life. The Bible is clear and direct about how to live your life. The Bible clearly states no worship of idols and do not make any likeness above, on earth or under the sea. […]

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A graven image is mans attempt to duplicate God's creation. Photographs, art and decoration are graven images. Any decorations, other than words are graven images. The television is a "graven image box" and is worshiped by the world. People have turned away from God to watch the "beast box" which is prophesied about in the book of Revelation. People who are not watching television are listening to GOD, Christ and the Holy Spirit. I will give you examples of idols. The cross, angels, santa, mary, saints, easter bunny, any statue of a man, women or child, any statue of an animal, plant, mountain, river and tree is an idol. All dolls are idols and yet you people purchase these abominations for your children. Satan tells you what it is in the name. They are called "dolls" for a reason people! Here is an example of a graven image, antichrist and antichrists. The antichrists in the book of Revelation are the images of a man crucified on a cross, the images of a man weeping in pain wearing a crown of thorns and any image of this man who is worshiped by the world is not from the Bible.

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Owning dogs may not be sin, but what is sin is idolising your pet, whether it be a dog or some other animal. Many Christians who would be horrified at the thought of idolatry, actually idolize their dogs without realising it. They miss church if their dog is sick

Dogs do not save souls

Dogs are of no spiritual value

Many people do not realise dogs are capable of ‘housing’ evil spirits and their owners might need to be delivered from the spirit of the dog. ‘Deliver my soul from the sword and my precious life from the spirit of the dog

Dog ownership is a carnal desire and is sometimes driven by an evil spirit. In some countries, demon possessed dogs called ‘spirit dogs’ only ever attack Christians.

One disturbing but true story is that of a couple who adored their large Alsatian. To the couple, the dog was the ‘child’ they had never had. When the wife realised she had been idolising the dog she sought deliverance from the spirit of dog. During her deliverance in the church office one working day, her husband was out driving their small utility truck several kilometres away with the dog sitting on the tray. At the exact moment the woman was delivered of the evil spirit of dog, their Alsatian howled as though in agony, leapt from the tray of the moving truck into the path of another vehicle and was killed instantly. The shocked husband was later delivered of the spirit of dog.