Mack Major #conspiracy

Until you understand this you'll never understand why you really hate Donald Trump. Its not for anything he's actually done: the media aka 'fake news' simply manipulated your mind. It's what the media does best.

Most of you cannot point to anything specifically he's done that proves he's a racist, xenophobe, homophobe or a nazi. All you can do is repeat what you heard or read someone else say about him on an antagonistic website or news channel that was negative. Or some stupid meme on social media.

And because it sounded believable to you - you ran with it without seeing if it was even true. That's not what smart people do.

Break your mind free from its prison. Turn off the TV for a while, change your car radio station and stop getting your news solely from social media personalities. Social media equals social conditioning.

Many of you right now are being conditioned against God and against Christ - and it happens every single time you flip through those different pages where they dishonor the things of God and promote sin and foolishness. And then you come here arguing against those of us who actually take God seriously!

Get well versed on political topics and you'll gain back your mind's freedom. Christ came to make us free - not to make us slaves to God-hating media outlets that broadcast the doctrines of demons 24/7.



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