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The Serpent of Feminism (the social engineering of American women)

Marriage problems are RARELY the fault of only one spouse. For example: If a husband is getting angry often, chances are that his wife is not keeping the home clean or she's disobeying him in some area. If a wife is depressed and slacking off in her responsibilities, it could be because no matter what she does, the husband picks on her. A situation quickly arises of, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is it the wife's fault for not performing her responsibilities, that angers the husband? Or is it an overbearing husband who picks on his wife so much that she can no longer function anymore and it's his fault?

Are You Fulfilling Your Responsibilities in the Marriage and Home?

Let me ask you a question? If you went to work and slacked off on your duties, and then your boss came out and jumped on your case about it... what would happen if you blamed him and said it's because he's picking on you that you can't get your job done? In the real world you'd be written up or fired. Now put a husband in the same situation with his wife at home. If she doesn't want to clean, be a wife or take care of the kids, a husband is going to say something to rebuke his wife. However, if she blames him over time and says that he is overbearing and picks on her so much that she cannot function, what can that husband do? He cannot write her up, nor can he fire her.

There are husbands all across America who are in this type of situation, who are up a creek without a paddle, trying to get a lackadaisical wife to fulfil her wifely and motherly duties. Society's answer is a psychologist, who will almost always send her to a psychiatrist to be prescribed mind-altering, body-changing, zombie-creating drugs, drugs, drugs. That is NOT the answer!

In order for your marriage to be mended, someone has to change first. I ask you the question... are you doing your responsibilities? Each situation is different. A successful marriage is when a husband and wife can sit down, talk openly, and come to an agreement of who is going to be responsible for what, and then they both are responsible and fulfil what was agreed upon. If one of them cannot meet an obligation, then they need to let the other spouse know that they are having trouble. In many cases, a spouse will agree, but then not do what they said. If you walk with God, then you will care. I heard a wife admit that she hadn't cared for 20 years. That woman is not right with God. For a wife to say that she used to care, but blames her husband that she doesn't care anymore is sinful. NO ONE should be able to cause us not to care anymore. What if God stopped caring?



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