greywolfghost #conspiracy

There is a fairly credible theory that the Roman Empire began to "degenerate" because its leaders were eating from plates and dishes (gold/silver) that were heavily laced with LEAD, as was their coinage, after the time of Christ. The reason lead was being added (metal adulteration) was because precious metal was in short supply. Scraping of such plates with utensils while cooking/serving/eating would guarantee consumption of lead by people like Nero and Caligula - -

It is interesting that so many products coming from China for the use by our children and grandchildren are laced with lead. The Chinese are NOT stupid people. On the contrary, they have deeply understood the use of metals for all kinds of things for 5-7,000 years. It was the Chinese who were often used in the old West to refine gold with the use of arsenic, for instance. Our dependence on trade goods from China may have given them an avenue to attack our younger generations. The Chinese are very patient people. To assume they would NEVER think of such a long range project would show just stupid we might really be -



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