Franklin Ryckaert #racist

When you know Blacks you understand that:
1) They have little intelligence.
2) They have strong primitive impulses.
3) They cannot control themselves.
4) They must be controled by others who think,plan and decide for them, always keeping in place a strong discipline with immediate punishment for misbehaviour.
5) When that happens they can function just fine,albeit on a low level.
6) When that outer control is however removed,the savage in the Black comes to the surface.

This happened when White control was removed when: 1) African colonies became “independent”,2) Apartheid was abolished in South Africa.3) Jim Crow was abolished in the USA. The oldest example of what happens when Blacks become “independent” is Haiti.After first killing all (French) Whites,then the mulattos,this former model slave society became the most primitive ,savage country of the Western Hemisphere.It is already nearly 200 years “independent” but still utterly backward.
People who think that “oppression” is the cause of Black disfunction cannot explain why Blacks misbehave even more and their situation worsens when that “oppression” is removed.
Blacks behave always and everywhere the same; it is the race,not “circumstances”.Blacks belong to an entirely different line of evolution than that of Europeans or Asians, “civilization” is no part of that.



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