Stan #fundie

I think that most Atheists haven't a clue as to what neutral monism, idealism, etc. even mean. Nor do they care.

I also think that most Atheists haven't a clue what logic entails, other than what whatever their minds produce at any given moment.

Atheism is not an intellectual pursuit, although some intellectuals are Atheists. Atheism is an emotional crutch to the emotional turbulence that accompanies the pursuit of bolstering the self, when the self is secretly known to be limited and even inferior. That's why Atheism is commonly adopted in adolescence and teenage pre-adult years.

The personal crutch of the Atheist VOID in morality and intellect is the reason that Atheism is maintained into adulthood, beyond the time when the frontal lobe finally matures. The comfort of the perception of total freedom –FreeThought and Consequentialism – trumps any personal subjection to actual logic and reason. So actual logic and reason are not pursued or even comprehended.

The Atheist has what he needs, emotionally, and he will defend it any way he can. While some engage in fallacious arguments, this means ignoring all rational challenges, as well. I think most Atheists don't even show up on the web: they have what they emotionally need.



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