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Never forget: The Democrat Party was founded on racism: its sole purpose for formation was to perpetuate slavery of blacks. It fomented the Civil War in order to protect slavery. When it lost the war, it formed Jim Crow segregation and the KKK, both of which persisted for roughly a century. Then, in response to the Republican Civil Rights Act of 1964, LBJ created the welfare plan with the Orwellian name, War on Poverty, to perpetuate blacks in poverty and also make them perpetually dependent Democrats... and the blacks fell for it, even making some of their own blacks into their racist Democrat oppressors. The 60's Leftists were first to shriek "white privilege" while calling white babies "pigs" needing termination. Racism, the root of the Democrat Party, became a Leftist tool and it has been wielded with characteristic Leftist violence. Trump will be claimed as inspiration for all sorts of summer-time "racial" protest-violence intended to shut up the opposition by denying them speech venues, as happened in Chicago.

The violence against freedom (speech and assembly) is wholly predictable, because it is in the genetics of the Left, and has always been there historically. It is the party of race tyrants. It will not change now.


Black Lives Matter, otoh is purely racist against all whites; the intent is to instill a new cultural standard for black ghettos: drugs, gangs, theft and killing are now black cultural standards which whites may not interfere with or try to control. The new standard is black separatism, i.e., the new segregation into a subnation which is inaccessible to whites (or browns). This already exists in certain blue model cities in the USA, where whites dare not go, and cops dare not arrest.

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(Note: This is from 2014. - Bastethotep)

fstdt.com Struts Their Stuff

Until today I wasn't aware of fstdt.com ("Fundies Say The Darndest Things") where Atheists and skeptics can have a safe harbor in which to ridicule that which they take out of context. Actually there is a link to context, but no one seems to have used it in my case. It's the sort of snake pit where the target du jour is countered with comments like "asshole", and the standard logic errors which they insist are the logical answers to the "idiot" they are trashing.

It pretty much confirms my suspicion regarding the maturity level of the common Atheist (and I continue to capitalize that which is a religion, replete with churches, preachers, rules not to be disobeyed (political correctness enforced with ridicule and excommunication), icons (Darwin, Dawkins), and recently found - the Atheist religious moral document source: Harry Potter.

For a look at the amazing intellectual level demonstrated, go here. It's a good laugh. But remember, they really do think that way (at that age; many probably grow up eventually).

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The following principle of Atheism I call the First Principle of Atheism, because it is unarguable true and the remainder of Atheist behaviors and principles are subsidiary to it. The remaining principles might not be numerically identifiable in the sense that this one is, and they will have names instead.

Today's principle of Atheism:


Atheism is a VOID, intellectually and morally.

This seems hardly arguable given that many Atheists declare the relief of total freedom that Atheism has given them - freedom from onerous absolutes, rules and authority (1). This VOID or hole is created solely by rejection, commonly of the nature of rebellion, and commonly is adopted in juvenile years of poor intellectual and cortex development coupled with raging hormones and personal emotional turmoil.

After the VOID is adopted, Atheists find themselves totally free to create their own truths to backfill the hole. In essence, the Atheist is enabled to fill the hole totally with himself, and his own personal desires. So Atheism is completely self-focused and narcissistic. This is not to say that all narcissists are Atheist, nor that all Atheists meet the clinical definitions of narcissism. But the first principle of Atheism opens the pathway to narcissism and many take that path.

Intellectually, the Atheist is free to claim logic as a basis for his worldview and simultaneously refuse to provide that logic in a disciplined deductive argument. This indicates an inherent non-coherent irrationality (2) which is traceable to the initial First Principle of Atheism. The Atheist, however, considers his own thought process to be the ultimate in logic, even superceding long established disciplined deductive processes going clear back to Aristotle. Thus the Atheist's self image is that he is the superior intellect, far superior to those who use established disciplined deductive processes.

Morally, the Atheist is free to design his own morals, which will be compatible with the inclinations and personal proclivities of the individual Atheist. Since his moral system is compatible with his behaviors and desires, then the Atheist is "moral" by tautology: he cannot fail. In addition, the Atheist can change his moral basis at any time, without a moment's notice. So the Atheist considers himself totally moral, well beyond the morality of the Other.

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I think that most Atheists haven't a clue as to what neutral monism, idealism, etc. even mean. Nor do they care.

I also think that most Atheists haven't a clue what logic entails, other than what whatever their minds produce at any given moment.

Atheism is not an intellectual pursuit, although some intellectuals are Atheists. Atheism is an emotional crutch to the emotional turbulence that accompanies the pursuit of bolstering the self, when the self is secretly known to be limited and even inferior. That's why Atheism is commonly adopted in adolescence and teenage pre-adult years.

The personal crutch of the Atheist VOID in morality and intellect is the reason that Atheism is maintained into adulthood, beyond the time when the frontal lobe finally matures. The comfort of the perception of total freedom –FreeThought and Consequentialism – trumps any personal subjection to actual logic and reason. So actual logic and reason are not pursued or even comprehended.

The Atheist has what he needs, emotionally, and he will defend it any way he can. While some engage in fallacious arguments, this means ignoring all rational challenges, as well. I think most Atheists don't even show up on the web: they have what they emotionally need.

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Evolution is one of the secular holy tenets, which will destroy you if you touch it. No evolution doubter is allowed to instruct or to publish. Evolution is the third rail, which must not be touched. What makes it so? Why is any
"science" Holy? It is not the purely inferential conclusions that are drawn from single instances of existence. It is not the empirical data (which does not exist).

What makes it so is the utility of the theory for social engineering in the Nietzschean/Dewey/Alinski tradition. The influence on society of this non-empirical science is due to its devaluation of humans to animal levels, and the "Will To Power" which accompanies that, not its negligible influence on biology.

This is why the ACLU will spend millions on defending evolution against all comers; it is why Atheists choose evolution as their mantra. The idea that there is no creator to have bestowed any human rights on humans has just one justification: evolution. It is the dogma of the statists.

But evolution has no...NO...scientific merit of the empirical variety. It is purely extrapolative, speculative, inferential story manufacturing. The vaunted science has only speculation to back it up.

So I will continue to poke at the nakedness of this non-empirical emperor. It is not a closed case. It cannot prove its speculations. If it were not tied to a social agenda it would not be allowed by reasonable scientists to be elevated to the secular deification it now enjoys.