JoyfulSister #fundie

Reading this thread and others similar to this subject makes my stomach hurt, my heart hurt, chills go down my spine as I think, God sees this abomination, it must hurt Him so very bad to see this happening. Oh, God has to be getting so angry, I really fear the wrath is going to be so horriable that we just won't be able to imagine. I read about the coming wrath, but I can't imagine....
Another thing... I am evidently very politically incorrect... they are Homosexuals NOT gays. Call it what it is. Gay means-Happy. Homosexual means-(well you know) This misuse of this word really makes me angry. When I am told, "Oh, you know so and so are Gay" I always respond with, "Oh, you mean they are homosexuals?" Call it what it is. Or, "The Gay rights blah, blah, blah" I come back with, "Oh you mean the homosexual blah, blah, blah" I always get a surprised look, a look of, "don't say that", a look of fear. hey, if we all did this, call it what it is, maybe, just maybe the shame will return and maybe then we would have a chance to get through to them to turn away from this abomination, they don't want to experience the wrath of God.



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