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[Concerning a man who tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill, causing her to miscarry.]

What is the actual hot button issue here?
Woman's birth control "fails' . Birth control was supposedly being used yet mysteriously when the "accidental" pregnancy happens , no move is made to correct the situation , the man expresses his desire not to go through with this , the woman despite all her precautions failing suddenly has a change of heart and decides this is what she wants to do .I must contemplate that if the woman had intended not to have a child and planned thusly and it failed that she would wish to not go through with this , also add in that the man in question is not on board with this . I feel this was a staged or planned failure or negligence on her part in an effort to have his child without his consent ( as if a man's consent is even an issue either way in these things) .The man in question I feel saw through this deception and decided that he would compound her scheming with a scheme of his own to disarm her plan , and it appears to have worked . He deceived her into ingesting a poison , she hi-jacked his reproductive power against his will . Both are despicable human beings , both have committed acts that are amoral , one in a selfish scheme to create a beneficial scenario centered around her own desires , the other due to an unwillingness to accept having his earnings and potential future hi jacked by this entitled person . Is one worse than the other ? Does the reactions of the man out weigh the actions of the woman or vice versa? the courts heavy handed approach to a male is nothing new this is the standard pussy stroking anti testicular beat down on an unlicensed penis carrier . The obvious double standard of it is wrong when the man does it because he lacked her consent , yet if he wanted the baby and she didn't it would be 100% acceptable for her throw this in the chipper is typical . i'm so numb to it I don't even get angry anymore . -DM- gonna wrap my hand around a rye n coke



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