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Please convert to Islam

I have been thinking about what most here should do (with the help of a few glasses of wine). Here was my previous advice:

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I recommended Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, Conservative Mennonism, or Mikraite. But Orthodox Judaism doesn't work if you aren't jewish, Orthodox Christianity and Conservative Mennonism don't work if you don't actually understand Christian theology and history, and Mikraite doesn't work if you don't have brains. So none of these options really work for most people here. The real question is, what is the best option for ignorant morons, which is what modern culture is now mostly composed of. And I think the answer is Islam.

Islam truly is the ideal religion for ignorant morons, which is what most of you are, so please convert. It's true that I have my doubts about whether Islam can ever really work well again (since Ash'arism became dominant). But I am quite sure that it can never be as bad as modern culture. Your chance of finding a wife is certainly better in Islam than in modern culture. And there is always a chance that you could become a jihadist and kill a few modern scum, which isn't bad in my view.



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