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This is the most important post on this site. God has given me new wisdom on things such as Joan of Arc, Roman Catholicism, and who the rightful heir to the throne of England is. This is so important that it should also be quoted on Fstdt so that the people who know me there will see the important news and I pray that it shall be used to get you all to convert to the correct denomination of Christianity.

So I have been studying the case of Joan of Arc and have realized that her trial was one sided, in violation of Church law and unfair and that Joan of Arc genuinely believed that her visions from God were real. Nevertheless I was still pondering why the Catholic Church thinks that God used her to help save France in the Hundred Year War. After all, the Plantegenet monarchs had a greater legitimate claim to the throne of France than the French Valois monarchs. Why would God want to intervene in a war that was not started for religious reason?

Besides the evil King Phillip IV of France was the one who falsely accused the Holy Monastarial Order, the Knights Templar, of heresy as an excuse to confiscate their money and had them arrested and burned at the stake. The Catholic Church today recognizes that the charges were false and that the Pope lived in Avignon France and was therefore unable to stop what happened.

And during the Western Schism from 1378 to 1417, it was England that was on the side of the legitimate Roman Popes and France that was on the side of the Avignon antipopes.

So why again, would God chose Joan of Arc to liberate France from the English?

Well I have done more research into English history and and specifically the time period from 1135 to 1154 known as the anarchy. King Henry I’s only legitimate son William Adelin died in a shipwreck accident in 1120, so he nominated his daughter Matilda as his heir. However after his death in 1135, the corrupt nobles decided to crown Henry’s nephew Stephen King causing a civil war ending in a treaty in 1153 where Matilda’s son Henry Plantagenet was named his successor and succeeded Stephen as Henry II.

That means that Edward III’s misogynist decree in 1376 that limited succession to male heirs, was a change in the fundamental laws of England. This means that the Yorkist claim to the throne was more legitimate than the Lancasterian claim.

So during the time of Joan of Arc, King Henry VI on the branch of the illegitimate Lancasterian userpers was King of England at that time. He was also a child at that time, so England was under the control of various corrupt regents, and the clergy was corrupt at that time. That must be the reason why God had Joan of Arc save France from being in their corrupt hands even if it meant it being put in the hands of the House of Valois.

So because of that, I converted back to Roman Catholicism and today after Mass, I did a major confession today to my priest for my apostasy and masterbations I did when I left Roman Catholicism. It was the Yorkists that were the rightful heirs to the English and French thrones, not the Lancasterians.

You might think that because Edward IV’s daughter Elizabeth of York married King Henry VII, it means the line of York continues through the descendants of Henry VII. Well actually, Tony Robinson’s documentary Britain’s Real Monarch, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7DCasz6oeL4, exposes that Richard of York, the first Yorkist claimant to the throne was cuckolded and Edward IV was not his son. Because of that, George Plantagenet Duke of Clarence and his decendants should have inherited the throne. That might be why George rebelled against Edward IV. Following Primogeniture under Common Law, this Australian aristocrat is the rightful heir to the thrones of England and France. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Abney-Hastings,_15th_Earl_of_Loudoun

So I pray for you all to convert to Roman Catholicism so you can enjoy the paradise of heaven instead of being in hell which the chief punishment is eternal separation from God which is not cruel or unusual like the horrific false doctrine of literal fire and brimstone that the Protestants teach.



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