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This happened partly because of establishment and leftist types normalizing violence and undermining confidence in the electoral process. You wanna crow about how your rioting is getting positive results? Don't be surprised if other people try it. You wanna scream "all cops are bastards"? Don't be surprised if other people turn on law enforcement. And if you want to insist Trump couldn't have won without foreign interference... well, don't be surprised if people insist Biden couldn't have won without fraud.

Like it or not, actions have consequences. This is the chickens coming home to roost. Am I trying to justify what happened? No. What I'm trying to do is explain that when you try to normalize a tactic or an idea, it will inevitably be used against you. Pro-slavery politicians justified their stances based on states' rights, then started whining when Northern states passed personal liberty laws to prevent the return of runaway slaves in defiance of the Fugitive Slave Act. Trotsky endorsed violence and terror against political dissidents, then bitched and moaned when Stalin persecuted his followers. Nazi Germany committed terror bombing against Polish and British cities, then cried foul when the Allies did the same thing to Germany in retaliation. Things like this have happened over and over again. And they'll probably keep happening for as long as humanity exists.

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(on the anti-lockdown protesters, who have carried weapons, signs saying things like “sacrifice the weak”, and so on)

This is basically the next Tea Party: a protest by people with legitimate grievances against government being hijacked and co-opted by rich right-wingers to support policies that are against the best interests of the protesters.

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Oh, and since apparently the US media has collective amnesia on the point, let's just remember that the US overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in 1953 after he planned to nationalise Iranian oil supplies, replaced him with a brutal dictator, the Shah, and has been butthurt ever since 1979 that their nice compliant puppet state stepped out of line and tossed out their hand-picked leader.

The US has wanted regime change in Iran for forty years and they're about to go and get it by any means necessary.

If any other country did this sort of insane shit, they'd be decried as a rogue state.

The US is a rogue state and the entire regime needs to be overthrown and all the leaders past and present put on trial in The Hague.

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I deserve a sexual purity award.

For some reason I keep getting bombarded with emails from women who want to have sex. This screenshot I uploaded shows an example of one.

But because of my obedience to God, I have resisted the numerous opportunities I had with all those emails. I therefore deserve an award for being able to resist so much sexual temptation.

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A new castration plan

The plan to get Art to come to America to castrate me and then for me to claim that a wild animal did it, had problems. It would be very unlikely that an animal specifically attacked and bit off my balls. To make it believable, I would have to also have other wounds to my body, but I am not an expert at giving myself wounds without risking breaking arteries or vains that could cause severe blood loss.

So perhaps Art should fashion coyote jaws out of clay, with the sharp teeth of coyotes. I live in a part of America that has lots of coyotes so it would be believable that a coyote attacked me.. He can use the jaws to press into parts of my body to create a whole ton of bite marks.

(later posts from same thread)
I really do want to be castrated because I am heterosexual and attracted to women in trousers especially jeans but not sexual enough that I think I am capable of normal sex because I get more turned on by women in trousers then naked women. To reproduce, I would have to masterbate to my wife in trousers before sticking my penis into her vagina. If I can’t be normally sexual, I might as well be asexual.


Don't think you can bait me, your story is way to wild and inconsistent.

It is not wild. I am cursed with such an extreme clothing fetish, that I am not sure if I am capable of normal sex. I did a google image search for naked women, seeing a bunch of pictures, and I am not getting an errection by them. So unless my fetish can actually be treated, I don’t see how I can have normal sex with a wife.


It is not wild. I am cursed with such an extreme clothing fetish, that I am not sure if I am capable of normal sex. I did a google image search for naked women, seeing a bunch of pictures, and I am not getting an errection by them. So unless my fetish can actually be treated, I don’t see how I can have normal sex with a wife.

So have some abnormal sex with a wife! Find one who's either into the same kind of thing or at least is willing to indulge you in it, and have some fun.

But I want to use sex for it’s biological purpose of procreation meaning that the sex would have to involve eventually ejaculating semen into her vagina. And the chances of finding a conservative Anglican woman willing to indulge in it is very unlikely.


I am for real. I am trying to figure out ways I can actually get myself castrated because my jean fetish is making me miserable because I doubt that I could find a conservative Anglican wife that would tolerate having sex involving getting turned on by her in jeans.

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How the justice system should work in England.

Hello. I talked about restoring the legitimate royal line to the throne of England. Now I will talk about how the justice system will work in England based on England’s traditions.

Ugh I thought it was going to be my final message to you but I have to first explain my ideas of how the justice system should work and how Eugenics should work in the United States, and England and how to deal with abortion. It will be in proportion to the crimes commited

Men and women must not be allowed to cross dress. Men and women can wear whatever clothes they want as long as it is not slutty. All women’s bathing suits MUST cover butt cheeks and boobs since boobs are private parts.

Pornography should be banned because it causes sex trafficking. Hentai should be banned because it is just plain gross. Sex should only be depicted in movies and TV shows and promiscuity and premarital sex should be promoted as a BAD thing, like in the great classic horror films Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Divorce for Christians should be made illegal and replaced with annulment but annulment should be granted only in cases of actual abusive spouses. Adultry should be punished with fines. Premarital sex like in Merry Old England should be legal, but should not be encouraged in the media.

Stealing most property, destroying property, vandalism, and littering should be punished by fines. Stealing and destroying major property or committing arson should be punished with jail sentences.

Smoking in public should be legalized but fines should be commited if the smoker blows the smoke in someone else’s face. Cigarettes and cigars though should be replaced with the good old fashioned pipes because pipes are less addicting.

Possessing marijuana and illegal drugs should be punished with jail sentences. Putting pot smokers in jail is rehabilitation because it deprived them of the drug and makes them get clean.

Insulting the benevolent government should be punished with 5 year jail sentences for treason. Saying actual racist comments(meaning judging people by the content of their color and using the N word, not for showing statistics of poverty and crime since blacks are sadly impoverished because of the Democrats), holocaust denial, and promoting communism and socialism should be punished with 5 year jail sentences. Most Trump supporters do not use the n word.

Blasphemy against the Christian God should be punished by 1 year in jail or a fine of 300 dollars(this law is still on the charter in the State of Massachusetts which I live in)

Prayer should be allowed in public schools. Those of different religions should go to schools of their own religions.

Blasphemy against gods of other pagan religions should be punished by mild fines. However criticizing their religions by saying their gods do not exist, or criticizing Jews for not accepting Jesus Christ as their messiah does not count as blasphemy.

However blasphemy against Islam, Muhammad, and Allah should be legal and encouraged.

Muslim women can wear hijabs but they must not be allowed to criticize people who don’t wear hijabs and must not be allowed to wear burquas or burkinis.

The religions that should be banned with jail for 1 year are Satanism, New Agism, Gnosticism, Wicca, the anti Trinitarian heresies, and Druidism because they are all heresies and occult. They as long as fortune tellers, and mediums, as well as those who consult them should be locked up in churches until they repent.

Atheism should be punished with fines because of it’s correlation with socialism and because it promotes doing whatever you want without fear of being judged.

People with severe autism(not people with Asperger’s syndrome which I have been diagnosed with), and people with IQ’s less than 100 should be chemically castrated. So should average thugs that are beyond rehabilitation.

First degree murderers, all mass shooters, and drug dealers who have been proven guilty with ton’s of circumstantial evidence, or dirrect proof with footage should be executed by public beheadings with axes. The head should be put on display.

Men who are guilty of high treason(the top leaders of rebellions against the United States, and monarch) should be punished by being hung, drawn, and quartered like it was done in Merry Old England (though in private locations because most people today would vomit seeing it in public). Women as a courtesy guilty of the high treason should be publically burned at the stake as was done in Merry Old England.

All average Rebels who change sides will be pardoned.

Torture should be permitted for adults as a means of interrogating criminals, rebels, and terrorists. Most people who get tortured will eventually give in because they would prefer being executed rather than continuing to be tortured.

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How I am a victim of the sexual revolution

You all know about my fetish about women’s asses in trousers especially jeans. Bizarre fetishes have been on the rise as a result of the horrible sexual revolution, in fact my fetish seems mild compared to other fetishes people have.

The aspect of the sexual revolution that gave me the fetish is the unnatural sexualization of women’s asses. It is unnatural because it does not aid in reproductive purposes and also because the ass is the most disgusting part of the body as it releases gas and shit. Women’s asses have been sexualized in clothing advertising where they show off their asses in jeans, and sluts also show off their asses in jeans on the internet as sexual enticement.

So I advize you if you have sons is to teach them to have normal sexual attractions to women’s vagina’s and boobs and prevent them from getting aroused by women’s asses. If you have daughters, teach them to not shake their asses because it is both a sexual sin of enticement, and because it causes boys to have unnatural arousels.

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This weekend, me and my family went on Vacation in my grandparent’s summer home on Cape Cod, a peninsula in Massachusetts with lots of summer homes and beaches. Unfortunetely the weather was not good enough to go swimming.

My 21 year old second cousin who I have barely ever seen in my life is staying there the whole summer because she has a summer job on Cape Cod. She is overall a very decent moral person however on Sunday she did one thing that was very immoral.

On Sunday, when my dad went home because of having to work during the week, and my grandparents were at some party at the house of one of my grandfather’s cousins, me and my mom came home from a baseball game. And my cousin said hi to us while wearing nothing but towels. If she was coming out of the shower, why the fuck did she not put clothes in the bathroom for her to get changed into before coming out of the shower?! Why did she not keep in mind that there are relatives of hers that are not her parents or siblings in the fucking house?! I immediately looked away and walked down into the basement where my bedroom there is.

I on the other hand was much more moral and cautious knowing that there was a women relative close to my age in the house. In the mornings, I made sure that she would not even see me in my pajamas by having a goal to take a shower and get in my day clothes before breakfast. On all the mornings, she was up before me, so I would stay in the basement, until she went to work. The bathroom was upstairs so I even held in my pee for such torturous long time that I was tempted to piss in empty water bottles in the basement.

Thankfully, me and my mom are leaving to go home tomorrow. Don’t worry, I do not have any degenerate sexual thoughts about her since she is too closely related since today’s definition of incest extends to 1st and 2nd cousins(influenced by the studies of inbreeding and genetic disorders). I was just shocked and revolted.

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Since the European countries will probably go to war when the true heirs to England, Ireland, Normandy, and the Two Sicilies gain their rightful thrones, they will need to be conquered. Therefore the King of England and the Two Sicilies and, Duke of Normandy will also become Holy Roman Emperor ruling over the other European Kingdoms.

The Neo Holy Roman Empire will then go to war with Turkey and the other Arab Muslim nations in the Middle East to liberate Constantinople and the persecuted Christians and will gradually conquer the Levant and the Arabian Penninsula. It can achieve it by allying with Israel but since the Holy Land of Israel was rightful Christian Land before the Muslims conquered it, the Neo Holy Roman Empire will then conquer Israel to bring the Holy Land back into Christian hands which was the intent of the Crusaders.

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Why you should help me with restoring true heir to England in this universe

I can get you guys and others to help me with my plan to restore the true heir to the throne by showing you that it is a cause of social justice. The Wars of the Roses happened because the Yorkists claimed the throne by being senior in primogeniture because they were descended from the daughter of Lionel Duke of Clarence who did not have any sons. The Lancasterians claimed the throne by descent of John of Gaunt since they were misogynists who didn’t think that females should inherit the throne.

The Yorkists were therefore on the feminist side of the Wars of the Roses and Elizabeth II is descended from the Lancasterian side. Therefore for the cause of social justice, you and others should support having the Yorkist heir put on England’s throne. Therefore join my society.

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More proof that Christianity is true.

Last night I had a nightmare of there being a shooting. Today I found out that there was a shooting at a bar in California. God gave me the dream so that I could prove that Christianity is true. How do you explain the fact that I had a dream of a shooting before I found out about an actual one that happened?

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This is the most important post on this site. God has given me new wisdom on things such as Joan of Arc, Roman Catholicism, and who the rightful heir to the throne of England is. This is so important that it should also be quoted on Fstdt so that the people who know me there will see the important news and I pray that it shall be used to get you all to convert to the correct denomination of Christianity.

So I have been studying the case of Joan of Arc and have realized that her trial was one sided, in violation of Church law and unfair and that Joan of Arc genuinely believed that her visions from God were real. Nevertheless I was still pondering why the Catholic Church thinks that God used her to help save France in the Hundred Year War. After all, the Plantegenet monarchs had a greater legitimate claim to the throne of France than the French Valois monarchs. Why would God want to intervene in a war that was not started for religious reason?

Besides the evil King Phillip IV of France was the one who falsely accused the Holy Monastarial Order, the Knights Templar, of heresy as an excuse to confiscate their money and had them arrested and burned at the stake. The Catholic Church today recognizes that the charges were false and that the Pope lived in Avignon France and was therefore unable to stop what happened.

And during the Western Schism from 1378 to 1417, it was England that was on the side of the legitimate Roman Popes and France that was on the side of the Avignon antipopes.

So why again, would God chose Joan of Arc to liberate France from the English?

Well I have done more research into English history and and specifically the time period from 1135 to 1154 known as the anarchy. King Henry I’s only legitimate son William Adelin died in a shipwreck accident in 1120, so he nominated his daughter Matilda as his heir. However after his death in 1135, the corrupt nobles decided to crown Henry’s nephew Stephen King causing a civil war ending in a treaty in 1153 where Matilda’s son Henry Plantagenet was named his successor and succeeded Stephen as Henry II.

That means that Edward III’s misogynist decree in 1376 that limited succession to male heirs, was a change in the fundamental laws of England. This means that the Yorkist claim to the throne was more legitimate than the Lancasterian claim.

So during the time of Joan of Arc, King Henry VI on the branch of the illegitimate Lancasterian userpers was King of England at that time. He was also a child at that time, so England was under the control of various corrupt regents, and the clergy was corrupt at that time. That must be the reason why God had Joan of Arc save France from being in their corrupt hands even if it meant it being put in the hands of the House of Valois.

So because of that, I converted back to Roman Catholicism and today after Mass, I did a major confession today to my priest for my apostasy and masterbations I did when I left Roman Catholicism. It was the Yorkists that were the rightful heirs to the English and French thrones, not the Lancasterians.

You might think that because Edward IV’s daughter Elizabeth of York married King Henry VII, it means the line of York continues through the descendants of Henry VII. Well actually, Tony Robinson’s documentary Britain’s Real Monarch, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7DCasz6oeL4, exposes that Richard of York, the first Yorkist claimant to the throne was cuckolded and Edward IV was not his son. Because of that, George Plantagenet Duke of Clarence and his decendants should have inherited the throne. That might be why George rebelled against Edward IV. Following Primogeniture under Common Law, this Australian aristocrat is the rightful heir to the thrones of England and France. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Abney-Hastings,_15th_Earl_of_Loudoun

So I pray for you all to convert to Roman Catholicism so you can enjoy the paradise of heaven instead of being in hell which the chief punishment is eternal separation from God which is not cruel or unusual like the horrific false doctrine of literal fire and brimstone that the Protestants teach.

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I apologize for not doing research that conversion therapy does not work.

Because of that, I revise what the government should do to cure homosexuality which is to make it required by law for doctors to provide chemical castration drugs that will make homosexuals asexual.

It will be beneficial to their self esteem because they won’t feel depressed over falling in love with heterosexuals of the same gender who will obviously not return their love.

Tolpuddle Martyr tried to debunk my argument that the natural purpose of sex is procreation by saying that the natural purpose is descriptive not prescriptive. However all our natural traits have prescriptions. We have feet for walking, running, kicking, dancing, or driving cars, however our prescription is that we put on shoes when we go out of our house and not at a beach.

We assign prescriptive roles to natural purposes. For millennia, humans understood that the purpose of sex was procreation hence the institution of marriage.

Before the evil legalization of the mass murder of unborn babies, and before the invention of condoms, even prostitutes knew that having sex would produce children that they would be responsible for raising.

So that is the reason why God hates homosexual sex.

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I am not concerned by such quibbles, least of all in the favor of a creature like Saccone or Moore and giving them the benefit of a recount. Neither Saccone nor Moore in my view deserve the potential benefit of a recount.

I won't lie, if the beneficiary of a recount would be a Democratic nominee, I would be all for it.

All these legalese files and such you've recounted hold no importance to me. What matters is my ideological friend Conor Lamb won.


I am not edgier than thou with this. I have shared my exact views on the subject.

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I am posting this from my phone, so please pardon any terseness or errors. So was my last post, and it is awful. I swear to God I was not drunk. I just couldn't see more than three lines at a time. I usually don't write things like blog posts in complete sentences until after I have an outline of what I want to say, otherwise I will inevitably forget something. You can see how I forgot being coherent in the last post. (Edit: Back on my laptop. Now you can't see it much anymore, because I edited it. I'm cool with letting funny near-incoherence stand, but there was one part where I couldn't even remember WTF I was trying to say and couldn't make any sense of it.)

But I wanted to officially go say the FQA forums are back with us again and a part of FSTDT again!! They're still an independent part of FSTDT, though. I'm not a mod there — I just can't handle the forums and main site at the same time — so plz put questions about the forums there. Also be sure to behold the spiffy new logo.

I haven't forgotten about the FSTDT Awards. I've just been busy with other things too mostly work. I've also been babysitting my parents' dog and she's the most adorable thing. She won't be fucking still long enough for me to get a decent picture though. >:( Anyway, I'll verify the votes for the last round of the FSTDT Awards and announce winners either tomorrow, or barring that, some time within the next couple days after that.

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http://forums.fstdt.net/ !!

FQA is merging back with with us and will be the FSTDT forums again! It'll take us a few days, but we're making this happen, When everything is ironed out, I'll be adding a forums link back to the top of this page. Contacting whoever owns the Reddit now and telling them we don't want it anymore, if none of you object to that.

In other news, I've got stack trace error pages back on. Stack traces basically say what code was being executed and what was stored in relevant memory locations at the time an error happened. Useful for figuring out what happened and fixing it if necessary. So if you catch an error, do kindly select everything on the error page and copy it, then paste it in an email and shoot it my way at admin@fstdt.org I will very much appreciate it. For a while, I had the server and FSTDT code set up to set up to automatically email me stack traces, but that got annoying real quick and was sending me stack traces frivolously.

[aside](Yes, I double checked to make sure I didn't compile a debug build of the code. That would flood me with even more frequent and detailed errors, and the debug symbols used to provide this extra information slow down performance pretty heavily. The FSTDT code running on the server now is a Release build with stack traces in enabled, something admittedly unusual but it is useful and worth the slight hit to performance.)[/aside]

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Atheists and so-called "non-religious" people residing in christian countries are always very vocal and very keen to destroy the foundations of that society, I have noticed.

Despite the liberties granted to them magnanimously by Christian society, they nevertheless refuse to reciprocate this kindness and instead seek laws and conventions designed to limit the rights of believers to practice their faith freely.

Atheism produces nothing but demands everything, a comparatively TINY minority of Atheists think it right that a majority christian nation conforms entirely to an Atheistic way of doing things, all the while refusing to acknowledge that all of the freedoms they enjoy and abuse stem from the faith they hate so much.

An Atheistic society is an authoritarian horror and a police state, and yet this is what the Atheist movement would have us emulate. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen.