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ALL religions are CULTS; Biblical Christianity is the Real Deal!!

I am furious. I just got done watching a couple of videos, one about the Jonestown massacre and another about the Heaven’s Gate cult (which I couldn’t watch all the way through). Surely you knowledgeable folk out there must have heard of these.

I mean, are you serious? UFO’s? Some nut thinking he’s Christ, only in alien form? Taking Holy Scripture out of context because of demon-possessed mania? God will severely judge every one of these people who are cultic followers. Their leaders have their own special place in the Lake of Fire. Don’t get mad at me, God said so.

The only way of escape of God’s wrath is REPENTANCE through a CHANGE OF MIND, in which one acknowledges their sinfulness before God and that they are deserving of Hell. Then you BELIEVE in the Name of Jesus Christ to SAVE your soul from an eternal Hell (that He died on the Cross, shedding His blood for your sins; then was buried; then raised from death by the mighty power of God). Then you RECEIVE His free gift of eternal life. That’s the true Gospel, the power of God unto salvation to all who believe. That’s pure religion and undefiled, as James 1:27 in God’s Word declares. ALL ELSE IS VAIN, THE BROAD ROAD TO HELL.

Listed here are just a few well-known cults that deny the Scriptures and reject Jesus Christ as God. If you adhere to ANY of these, you are in big trouble with God Almighty!!


Baha’i faith

Black Muslim


Christian Science

Church of Christ

Eastern Cults

Episcopal Church (just another, lesser form of Romanism)

Freemasonry (many of our leaders are Freemasons; even the Founding Fathers of our once great nation followed this abomination)

Greek Eastern Orthodox (my best friend’s parents believe this)


Humanism (none other than New Age reasoning)

Illuminati (the pawns of the Devil)

Islamic Muslim

Jehovah’s Witness (my father perished in his sins because he converted to JW’s)

Judaism (what modern day Jews believe; they STILL reject Christ as Messiah)




Moonies (Unification Church)

Mormonism (perverts galore)

New Age (I swannee if I wasn’t a born again Christian with the Holy Spirit living inside me I’d fall prey to this)

Pagan Mumbo-Jumbo (Yin Yang)

Pentecostal / Charismatic (tongues NO LONGER exist; if you want to look like an idiot and have Satan laugh at you, go ahead and join)

Roman Catholicism (this is the greatest hoax of all, and every Romanist knows it; I know, because God took me out of it)

Russian Orthodox

Scientology (really?)

Seventh-Day Adventist (same as Mormons)

Unitarian Universalism

United Church of Christ




So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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