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(kaykay1556): Good thoughts in every manner, Don. I tell you what I did last weekend when my granddaughter was in a soccer tournanment and I saw a filthy Muslim family, complete with Mommy and the two little daughters in total niqabs…I went up to the FATHER who was watching son play and said, “How dare you share American soil with these good patriots.

You should be ashamed of yourself making your wife and daughters wear these 13th century costumes and treating them like they are nothing.” He looked at me (stared) and I said, “so, bring it you less than human soul…say it right now.” They moved to the corner and I kept looking at them until they left after the game. NOT ON MY WATCH.

(BareNakedIslam): BRAVO! Kaykay, people need to do more of this whenever possible. It is urgent that we make all muslims feel uncomfortable and and totally unwelcome in America.

(Buzz): You are correct Bonni,Never forget,Never forgive! !!!!The others need to get “on board “….And Don…Yes I do “something” every time I run into one of these POS moslems in America…BNI faithfuls know what “they” are up to, it is a twilight struggle educating the masses,this we are committed to.! !!!!! The Eradication of islam should be Every Freedom loving person in the world’s mission.



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