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[You should excuse the expression, but how does one get 'initiated' into homosexuality?]

Sadly! We know it is only some of the many ways they try to initiate by molestation of our children and young adults.

Another way they try to initiate our children into homosexuality is by using a very subtle form of molestation and one that is also very offensive in that it perverts the minds of innocent young children, is to write vulgar books about homosexual relationships and read them to children in kindergarten and 7 year old children in the 2nd grade! They dare to introduce these teaching into the school systems curriculum to our very very young children , as if it to be a "normal" type of relationship. Another way is to write books about teens having explicit homosexual acts and show them to kids in high school and give children sex education classes which shows them how to have so called safe sex with the same sex. Those are just a few of the many ways in which the homosexual pedophiles (called pederasts) use as part of Their Agenda to initiate and brainwash the minds of our babies and young adults without our consent!



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