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["$10/g would cost me $150 a fill-up. With going to school and dialysis, I need to fill up a minimum of every 2 weeks. So $300/mo or more on SSDI — or how about a giant fuck me for being disabled poor right?"]

Point being that at $10 you wouldn’t BE filling up — you’d carpool, use public transit, bike, walk, or buy an electric vehicle. All of which would become cheaply and readily available with the economy of scale. And neighborhoods would quickly become walkable, as stores moved to their customers as opposed to expecting their customers to drive to the mall.

But I think that you missed the main thrust of the article and my response — that these taxes would be rebated to the poor.

["Rebated once a year — big whoop. And I’m not biking let alone walking 6 miles after dialysis. And I am in NW Montana — bus service does not run in my area. And for some people, the dialysis clinic is nearly 60 miles away."]

Public transit will be vastly improved if sufficient demand is created. But like so many, I see you feel your convenience is more important than the survival of the human race.

["My convenience is for my fucking survival. So I suppose it’s ok for the disabled poor to die if they live in the wrong areas, for the greater good of course. Fuck that."]

Only in your mind does using public transit, carpooling, or switching to an electric vehicle equate with dying. Around here they provide non-emergency transportation for medical needs, you can get a scooter that gets a couple hundred miles to the gallon dirt cheap, and people electrify their bicycles. But I guess you’d die without a gas guzzling single passenger vehicle, and can’t afford to pay five bucks for the gas for a twelve mile round trip for your $90,000 a year dialysis.

["Oh how I would love to be able to afford a electric vehicle on SSDI of 1k a month. Or ride a scooter in 20 deg snow covered roads. But hey — denigrate the disabled poor some more. Bet you think chained CPI is great too because we just need to adapt better. Have a good evening, you are not worth responding to anymore."]



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