Venus de Smilo #racist

New Orleans is a war zone. Every single one of the looters that I saw was black. In fact, all but fewer than five of the people that I've seen in the endless footage on all channels, be it about looting or rescues, were black. There was footage of some slug trying to run with an armload of stolen merchandise while using his other hand to hold up his pants. I saw that more than once, but this guy's butt was hanging completely out with the waist of his pants hanging down around his thighs. I wonder if he thought to steal some suspenders. These people are uncivilized animals and they don't belong in this country. They're a bunch of savages and they belong back in the mud huts from whence they came and that their distant relatives still inhabit today. Slavery was a mistake, a big mistake, for more than the usually stated reason. I wish they'd never come here. [...]

The truly needy there who aren't looting, or aren't looting beyond a few necessities, had a chance to get out and didn't do it. I hope they're rescued if they're elderly or disabled, babies, etc., but the rest are just lazy fools, and I couldn't care less if they all drop dead tonight. Maybe a nice cleansing of the gene pool by shit-filled water is just what is needed. [...]

I'm about as disgusted as I can be with these people, and I'm ashamed that they're Americans. Correction - make that African-Americans. This is the first time I've agreed that that hyphenation really is accurate. Absolute primitive savages. I'd be as embarrassed as hell to be an upstanding black person amidst how my "community" is behaving. [Emphasis added]



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